Healthy Coping

When Self-Care is Work

Sometimes, self-care doesn't look anything like we picture self-care to look. It's not a massage or manicure. It's not a bubble bath with book in hand and ice cream on a fancy tray. It's not even eating at your favorite lunch spot or treating yourself to some tiny luxury.


3 Ways to Start Accepting Yourself

For many of us, self-acceptance is conditional. It's based on transient, temporary things, such as accomplishing a certain goal, getting to a certain weight, staying a certain size. Which means that we never feel comfortable. We never feel fully at ease.

Instead, we're forever trying to catch the carrot.

Body Image

When You Don’t Feel Good About Yourself

You don't feel good about yourself. In fact, you feel terrible.

Maybe it's your weight, your hips, your nose. Maybe it's your inability to run or do push-ups. Maybe you compare yourself to others on everything---intelligence level, creativity, productivity, money---and inevitably come up short. Maybe it's because your once clear, smooth skin is becoming rough and wrinkled.