A Big Thank You from Weightless

You might've already heard that Healthline---which recently acquired Psych Central---will no longer be publishing blogs on the site. Since this will be my last post, I wanted to share how grateful I am to have written this blog for almost 11 years! (I published my first post in November 2009.)


How to Deeply Connect During Difficult Times

The pandemic has brought up many, many questions that we've never had to answer before: Do we see our grandparents? Do we attend the larger gathering? Should we just stay home? For a while? Do we avoid certain loved ones for their safety, for our safety, both? Can we hold hands? Can we hug? Are we over-reacting? Under-reacting? Doing all the wrong things?

Body Image

28 Lessons on Body Image, Well-Being, and Life

Ever since I started this blog (back in 2009!), almost every year around my birthday, I’ve been republishing and revising a version of the below post about the lessons I'm learning about building a positive body image, coping effectively, and living a fulfilling, meaningful life. I hope this post inspires you to reflect on the lessons you're learning, too, and to extend a bit more kindness your own way, particularly in these uncertain times.


Giving Ourselves Credit for Seemingly Small Wins

When you're used to checking tons of tasks off your list, you can feel like an utter failure for slowing down. Which is likely exactly what you're feeling and doing right now: Whether due to greater stress, less sleep, fewer work projects, shifting childcare situations, or something else altogether, your schedule is no longer packed or you're unable to complete as much as you did prior to the pandemic.