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Three Tools to Help You Be Proud of Who You Are This Year

be proud of who you areAs the new year dawns, be proud of who you are.

So many of us are walking around feeling less than, often listening to a negative voice in our heads. Let’s put an end to the self-sabotage this year.

How? This post reviews three simple tools to put in practice, intended to help you be proud of who you are.

And I know many things are easier said than done. Still, we need to say them and work (with tools) on the doing. Right?

How can begin you be proud of who you are without focusing on the right principles and working to implement them, regardless of the difficulty? In fact, this is something to be proud of in and of itself – working toward a worthy outcome in your life.

Three Tools to Help you Be Proud of Who you Are

1. Use this method to give yourself credit for accomplishments:

Stop overlooking what you’ve done well. This may be a universal tendency – to focus on what is left to do or what we didn’t do well. We all love to focus on what’s gone wrong, bypassing what we’ve actually accomplished.

Focusing on what went wrong is well and good. It’s useful, but not at the expense of the good things you really can be proud of. In terms of feeling proud of who you are, you simply must review your successes.

I challenge you, right now, to make a list of accomplishments and things you’re grateful for during the past year. Open your notepad. Make a list. Allow yourself the luxury of feeling proud, grateful, and fortunate, even if for a few minutes. I just used this particular tool myself. Things came to mind I’d forgotten about – things that feel good to have accomplished! Make your list. It’s worth doing.

2. The bad stuff. Don’t pretend it didn’t happen. Do this instead:

How can you be proud of who you are when you’re walking around in denial? Rather than avoid the bad stuff, take a lesson from NLP and view it from a distance. As you consider life’s unfortunate events during the past year, imagine watching them on a screen that is a comfortable distance away.

There may not be a need to relive these events. If you observe them more objectively, you’re more likely to maintain your composure and learn from them. Getting caught up in negative thinking and self-pity does not encourage being proud of who you are. Look at the big picture when it comes to the negative. Relive the positive. Observe the negative. This is an old NLP trick:)

3. Use a cool app for establishing good habits this coming year.

toolstoestablishgoodhabitsI suggest using an awesome (and free) little app called the Good Habits App.

I’ve been using it for months. After searching endlessly for a system for supporting good habits (so many habits systems out there:), the Good Habits App was my simple solution. It relies on the “Seinfeld Effect.” Read more about it on LifeHacker.

However you establish simple daily habits, they are critical to accomplishing what you want. As you know, over time, small daily habits turn into huge gains that you are so very likely to make you proud of who you are.

Another challenge. Make a short list of the good habits you want to focus on. Then, find your system for implementing them. Hint: Don’t go overboard. Trying to establish too many habits at once is not recommended by most habits experts because it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

So here’s to the year ahead of us, as well as another year gone by. Be proud of who are you and I’ll do the same.

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Three Tools to Help You Be Proud of Who You Are This Year

Mike Bundrant

Mike Bundrant is the author of Your Achilles Eel: Discover and Overcome the Hidden Cause of Negative Emotions, Bad Decisions and Self-Sabotage and co-founder at The iNLP Center which offers online certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and life coaching.

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