Have you ever seen someone with ADHD in a crisis?  Are you wondering how to help them?  Do you talk to them?  Do you remain silent?  This article will answer this particular question.

Respect Their Thoughts And Space

According to, the first thing to do when someone with ADHD is in a crisis is to respect their thoughts and their space.  Simply put, listen to them.  Do not over power them with words.  This may stress them out and make them even more anxious.  Simply put, be there for them and give them the appropriate space they need.

If We Tell You We Need Space Give It To Us

According to, the second thing to do when someone with ADHD is in a crisis is to give them space when they ask for it.  If someone with ADHD is in a crisis, they may need their space.  If they ask for space, give it to them.  They need it.  It is nothing personal.  They are going to benefit from this personal space to get better.  It is not going to make them worse.

Tell Us When You Think We’re Wrong… Once

According to, the third thing to do when someone is in a crisis with ADHD is to tell them you think they are wrong only once.  This is very important.  They do not need to hear they are wrong more than once.  This can cause them to fall into an even darker state of emotions and feel even worse.  Simply put, tell them what you need to say and let it be.

If We Tell You What Will Help, Listen

According to, the fourth thing to do in a crisis is listen to the person.  Do not be a critic.  Listen to them.  Do not judge them.  Listen to them.  They are their best source of advice.


To end this article, four specific tips have been mentioned to handle individuals with ADHD in a crisis.  They include respecting their thoughts and space, if we tell you we need space give it to us, tell us when you think we’re wrong… once, in addition to if we tell you what will help, listen.  Therefore, if someone with ADHD is in a crisis do not force anything on them.  Simply put, listen to them and be present in the moment.  They will benefit from this and appreciate this.