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5 Proven Strategies to Increase Happiness


Happiness and you

Do you want to be happier? Considering adopting these five proven tactics to heighten joy. Carry them out regularly, and contentment will never be far away.

1. Strengthen gratitude

Happiness and gratitude are tied; it’s inconceivable to feel one without the other. When you’re thankful, happy hormones boost joy.

Recognize your blessings when you wake up for a positive attitude all day. At night, run through what you appreciate about the day too, and you’ll wake in good spirits the next morning.

2. Take responsibility for joy creation

Many people look to others for happiness, demanding they act in particular ways. When you put your attitudes in the hands of anyone but yourself, though, you aren’t in the driver’s seat. If people don’t act as you like, it disturbs you.

Take responsibility for making yourself happy, and you’ll feel empowered. You’ll change your conduct to build joy.

3. Find delight in little pleasures

You know you’re happy when you win the sweepstake or someone pleases you. However, find joy in tiny pleasures, such as viewing sundown and strolling in nature, and the world will be a treasure trove of happiness to reach into at any time.

Practice recognizing opportunities to be happy. Notice how raindrops on the grass sparkle and cobwebs look fragile in the morning dew. Listen to birdsong and pour your attention into enjoying your first cup of coffee with breakfast. More reasons to be cheerful will appear.

4. Let no one steal your joy

No one can take your happiness unless you give it away. You might unwittingly do so when you allow people’s bad dispositions to diminish your own. You can’t control the vibrations others send, but you can avoid receiving them. Additionally, create robust energy waves of joy to override people’s moodiness.

See temperaments as energy, and when you don’t like that energy, envision a barricade of light surrounding you. The suggestion might sound whacky, but it produces mental resilience. You won’t accept offhand remarks or pessimism if you secure an upbeat frame of mind.

Change negativity about others into kind thoughts, too. Know when people are ornery, they suffer. Life’s an immense learning curve, and when you let others develop at their own pace, but not influence you, your happiness will remain intact.

5. Schedule time for happiness

Why leave happy hour for barflies? Plan to indulge in enjoyable activities. Paddle in the sea, dance, listen to music, take a bubble bath, or do anything else that makes you merry.

Make your happy hour, or whatever time you can grab, into a daily habit to increase joy. Stress will lift, and you’ll generate gladness by the bucket load.

Happiness is your birthright, but you must claim it rather than await its arrival. Creating, strengthening, and preserving your joy will make you happy much of the time. The few occasions when you aren’t joyful can then serve as a contrast to aid appreciation.

5 Proven Strategies to Increase Happiness

John D. Moore, PhD

Described as folksy and down to earth, Dr. John Moore infuses current events and pop culture into his posts as a way of communicating wider points on issues related to wellness and goal attainment. His work has been featured in nationally syndicated media, including Cosmo, Men's Fitness and CBS Market Watch. He is a consultant to a number of Fortune 500 companies and institutions of Higher Learning. Dr. Moore is author of Confusing Love with Obsessionand Editor in Chief at: Guy Counseling.

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