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Chronic Stress Has Negative Impact On Memory

Let me repeat the title again in case you forgot - "Chronic stress has a negative impact on memory!"

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How Stress Affects Your Memory
The relationship between stress and memory is complex. A little bit of stress can enhance your ability to encode, store, and retrieve factual information. Too much stress, however, can shut the system down.  See post

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Times To Distress

We all have problems. We all must evaluate and strategize practical and realistically ways of finding adequate and attainable solutions to our problems in order to reduce and/or eliminate stress and avoid distress (if at all possible).

Some problems really are only temporary! Having a:...

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Are You In The Throws Of Distress

Are you in the throws of distress?! Or stress?! Both? The ropes of distress can feel like we are being strangled. Limited space. Limited escape. Limited relief (not much air to breathe).

Ever feel like an elastic band s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d and s--t--r--e--t--c--h--e--d and s---t---r---e---t---c---h---e---d


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What’s Cooking?

What am I up to these days? What am I thinking? What's cooking?

My last post explored mental health and mind food. This post will explore cooking. Do you like to cook? I enjoy cooking for my family. I have been preparing meals and cooking...

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Summer Safety FOUR Your Family

3. Don't Overheat.

It's also, tragically becoming a common occurrence of distracted people leaving not only their precious pets but innocent-too-young-to-be-unsupervised babies in hot for far too long to the point of death!:(

Another stupid, lacking common sense, avoidable disaster. Remember to always stay well-hydrated....

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Summer Safety FOUR Your Family

Living in Florida basically means year-round Summer. Let me qualify and say: "Year-round Summer "Safety" is a must!"

My top two tips:

Don't drown.
Don't burn.

Sun and water need to be thoroughly respected at all times. It is so easy to get super-chill and relaxed about water and sun safety. Especially when time together as a family having fun! We get dull because of overexposure, and soon we forget about the deadly...

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Finding Trust in Transition

My family and I recently moved. Please see post: Getting Settled for the current context of this post. We also had to navigate through unexpected events: health and other surprises during this time of transition.

My wife had an accident; a scary burn while out with her 80-year-old Aunt. She needed to heal in the middle of working, packing, organizing, and finishing a major project. Moving is stressful. You probably have your own moving horror story to share. Feel free. (share how you made...

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Getting Settled

Getting settled after a massive move feels like a good start, a new beginning; the next exciting chapter! Getting settled can also sound like getting complacent. Or happy with the status quo, huh?

Getting organized and getting settled and focused helps manage the stress of...

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Anger & Grief

It's tough when a Loved One dies. All of us have experienced grief; loss and loses. All of us are in various stages of processing and learning and growing and coping with our personal pain, with our personal grief.

Who or what are You grieving?...