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The Power of Nature—and 21 Prompts to Explore

Being in nature helps us feel refreshed, rejuvenated and inspired. Because focusing on the sky, the trees, the birds, the seasonal changes all around us sparks (and delights) our senses. It’s like taking an extra long breath. It’s like taking a gulp of water when you’re thirsty. Being in nature gives us what we need. It soothes us. It grounds us. And it astounds us. It reminds us of the innate magic in this world—magic that we get to witness every single day.

Being in nature is powerful for our brains and bodies. In this piece on Greater Good, Jill Suttie, Psy.D, outlines a range of research that boasts nature’s benefits: For instance, studies have found that being in nature reduces stress, makes us happier, boosts creativity, makes us feel more alive and even makes us kind.

Below you’ll find a list of fill-in-the-blank sentences all about nature. Some might require you to use your imagination and get a bit silly. Go with it. Think of this as a fun, old-school scavenger hunt.

  1. Today the sky is ________.
  2. Tonight the sky is __________.
  3. My feet felt like __________ on the ground.
  4. The weather felt like __________.
  5. When I look at this leaf, I see ______________.
  6. The wind whispered these words ___________.
  7. Today my favorite part of nature was _____________.
  8. This natural object reminds me of myself because ____________.
  9. I see evidence of fall everywhere, like ___________ and ____________.
  10. Sometimes I even see small signs of winter like ___________ and ____________.
  11. This rain reminds me of ___________.
  12. Today __________ is the color pink.
  13. Today __________ is the color white.
  14. Today __________ is the color gold.
  15. I love the way the flowers ___________.
  16. I observed __________ (this animal) and was surprised to see that ___________.
  17. Today the air smells like _______________ and reminds me of _____________.
  18. As soon as I walk outside, I hear these natural sounds ___________________.
  19. When I look down at my feet, standing firmly on the pavement, grass, beach, or in the dirt, I think ____________.
  20. When I look up at the sky, I think ______________.
  21. I’ve never found beauty in __________ before. Today, though, I do.

Challenge yourself to complete some of these sentences once a week, or maybe even once a day. If you have kids, get them involved, too. You can stop with completing the prompts. Or you can use your responses as starting points for stories or poems or paintings or other art projects or even presents for your loved ones. There are so many creative options and opportunities—the sky’s the limit.

P.S., Last week I also talked about how all of us, writers or not, need nature, and shared four prompts to try.

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash.
The Power of Nature—and 21 Prompts to Explore

Margarita Tartakovsky, MS

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