Childhood Adversity

What Failed to Happen For You as a Child?

Emotional Neglect: A parent’s failure to respond sufficiently to your emotional needs.

In other words, Emotional Neglect is something that failed to happen in your childhood.

To demonstrate why Emotional Neglect is so invisible, let's do an experiment.

First, I’d like you to think of an event that happened yesterday.  It...
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3 Surprising Reasons People Feel Lonely on Valentine’s Day

We all have a stereotypical picture of the person who feels lonely on Valentine’s Day.  We might imagine someone who wishes to be in a relationship, and is sitting alone feeling sad.

In truth, most of us know how this stereotypical picture feels since we have been there ourselves at some point. Navigating the complicated world of relationships is not easy, so it’s likely that you have spent one or more Valentine’s Days alone, or perhaps...
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5 Little Known Hallmarks of A Psychologically Healthy Person

We all have a general idea of what we think a psychologically healthy person looks like. Maybe it’s not being depressed or anxious, not suffering, or not having a diagnosis.
Maybe it’s being happy, or simply able to live a good life.
All of these things are important and have great merit, of course. But what are the specific factors that make a person psychologically healthy? Here are some very...
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