#ShineOnMax Becomes an Accidental Movement Connecting the World to the Autistic Community in Honor of Max Benson

Last weekend, a vigil was held in honor of Max Benson, an autistic teen who was killed at school one year ago. What started as a small local event became an international social media blitz as people from around the world connected over the hashtag, #ShineOnMax.
For nearly a year, the story of Max's death slid mostly under the world's radar. It was reported that Max 6'1" tall, "severely autistic," and that he "became violent" at school....


Tips for Parents and Dentists for Helping Autistic Children Through Dental Visits

Dr. Greg Grillo is a dentist who is passionate about working with under-served populations, including people with disabilities and veterans. I interviewed Dr. Grillo about how he became interested in helping autistic children and adults, how parents can help their children through dental visits, and how dentists and dental hygienists can make their practices more accommodating to autistics.