World Autism Awareness Day: The Autistic OT

For World Autism Awareness Day, I interviewed Sarah Selvaggi Hernandez, occupational therapist (OT), professor, children's book author, and social media influencer, The Autistic OT.

Me: It's April, the year 2020. What's going on with autistic culture?

The Autistic OT: This year, April is being felt differently around the world. Autistics everywhere are living a new reality in the midst of experiencing a pandemic. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to unify behind autistic culture to...


#ShineOnMax Becomes an Accidental Movement Connecting the World to the Autistic Community in Honor of Max Benson

Last weekend, a vigil was held in honor of Max Benson, an autistic teen who was killed at school one year ago. What started as a small local event became an international social media blitz as people from around the world connected over the hashtag, #ShineOnMax.
For nearly a year, the story of Max's death slid mostly under the world's radar. It was reported that Max 6'1" tall, "severely autistic," and that he "became violent" at school....