Adult ADHD

This Day Is Done

It's been a good, long time. And I've enjoyed every day of it.

You have ADHD? Me too.

I'm a writer, so my default is to write about it.

And so I have, right here at Psych Central, three times a week for nine years now.

And, I loved doing that.
It was important
I'm not just blowing my own trumpet here. I've had emails and comments and messages from people telling me...


What’s In A Name?

Oooooh, gimme some!

Why is ADHD called ADHD?

Consider this carefully.

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. What do you notice about this? What do you feel about this name if you have ADHD?

I'll tell you what I feel about it these days.
It's wrong!
Oh, don't make any mistake. Someone with this disorder presents these symptoms exactly. But the word "presents" must be considered here.

Someone with ADHD appears to be unable to focus on what they should be...


I’m On It!

Preheat the oven!

The way to get things done, is to just do them.

The Neuro-Typicals have been telling us that since our lives began.

And in one way, that's true.

What they leave out, because they're unaware that this is a thing, is that to "just do" those things, one has to be able to remember those things that are to be done.

And not just be able to remember them as in, "What are...


You Can’t Count On Me

Seeing myself - self portrait. © Kelly Babcock 2011

As a writer penning a blog about what it's like to have ADHD, you can count on me to tell you exactly what it is like for me.

You can be certain that I'll tell you some of the more embarrassing things, not because I'm brave or dedicated to honesty and truth (though I like to think I am somewhat representative of those qualities),...


Attention, Attention!

Attention is more complicated than you might think ...

We've discussed attention as it relates to ADHD before, but we never really dove into it in dull, dry boring detail, did we?

Likely that's because it is difficult to maintain my attention long enough to explain the thing.

Attention is thought by many to be the ability to stay focused on something, and for most situations, we can assume that to be an adequate working...


How Impulsive Of Me?

The wrong thing at any time ...

One of the hallmarks of ADHD is a problem with impulse control. Impulsivity is so common that we are known for it.

And some of the subtle ways that it impacts our lives often go unrecognized because being impulsive is usually only seen in the more explosive and dramatic examples of its manifestation in our behavior.

It's not unlike the discovery years later that a...


Safe Place Fear

Is this not a safe place to keep my license renewal form?

The phrase, "safe place" should stir up thoughts of comfort and, well ... safety, right?

But when you have ADHD, the idea of a safe place, for some of us, has become a rather fearful concept.

How many things have we put in "a safe place," never to be seen again?

And you might think this is trivial, but it is far reaching,...


Proceed With ADHD Caution

Or, disordered caution?

ADHD caution? What could that mean? What kind of ineffective caution could ADHD caution be?

It's not so much ineffective as maybe unreliable in its consistency.

I've lived with ADHD All my life, and I've known for eleven years. I'm aware of the problems, pitfalls and troubles I must endure. Fifty years of being unaware compared to this eleven of growing awareness have been an education.
I'm slowly catching on
I'm aware I...


ADHD Fractured Memory

There's no upgrade that I know of ...

"Is often forgetful in daily activities (, doing chores, running errands; for older adolescents and adults, returning calls, paying bills, keeping appointments)." ~ the last symptom listed in the inattentive symptoms for ADHD in the DSM5

How is your memory these days? Are you feeling like it could be better? Is it worse than it used to be? Or do you feel it does...


Here’s An ADHD Question

A problem!

"It is a chronic, life long condition, and it's about time that we started treating it as such. You know, people with ADHD are more susceptible to problematic drug use and more likely to take their own lives, but it is one of the more treatable conditions so why aren't we doing it more effectively?" ~ Beverly Nolker, Founder of ADHD Sheppey

In the UK they have ADHD, just...