Me And Schedules

I'm a little behind

It's Friday.

Normally on Friday I'm posting my third and final post of the week.

But this week has been a little off the tracks.

Last week I went to the emergency room for some issues I was having and a whole lot of change ensued.

I'm on new and different meds, I'm under new orders for health care management, and I'm feeling a bit beat up from not just the new pains...

Adult ADHD

Me And Drugs

There's a drug for that

I don't like the word "drug." It's too broad a definition and at the same time too narrow a perceived grouping.

Substance is a much better word. Any substance that has a positive, or negative effect on the body or mind is really what should be encompassed by the word drug.

And yet, by that definition, food becomes a drug.

And maybe it should be considered to be...


Me And Sleep

Is it time yet?

This is not how it's supposed to work.

Yesterday I went through my day after having slept only two hours the night before.

Today I'm running on about eight to nine hours of sleep.

It's like night and day ... or day and day? Day without sleep and day with, but ... opposite to ... ?

Ah, let me explain.
On Wednesday night I had some pain. It felt bad enough that I...


The Good and The Bad

My perception of life

My mind wanders ... a lot!

And the other day I was thinking about some things I really dislike.

And I got thinking that the world is at least half full of things that displease me.

And then I put my head down to the task of writing a post for my other blog, which is a daily affirmation called, "Today I Love ..."

Yes. I caught...


Whither Shalt Thou Wander?

I'll be fine, I'm sure ...

Does this happen to you?

I'm feeling a bit under the weather today.

I've had some kind of dry cough the last few days and it's making my head ache and my chest hurt.

I am probably coming down with something.

I'm even feeling a slight bit fevered.
But this is a mental health site
Yep. And I'm talking physical health there, aren't I.

But here's the thing I'm getting at, as I've...


You Can’t Do That With ADHD

or what can't I do well?

There are so many of us and we are all different. We span a great huge spectrum of abilities, and we make up a vast array of character types.

You can't group us together in one bunch, unless you group us together under the heading of "People with ADHD."

And because of our differences, because of the broadness of our abilities, there is nothing in the...


Too Much Stuff To Do

Not who I'm having lunch with ...

This happens and I never see it coming.

Today is a Wednesday, I head out of town on Wednesday. I do this because I have the opportunity to.

My partner works in a town 45 minutes away from home on Wednesdays and I tag along and set myself up in a café there and work from there.

I started doing it so that we could go out...


Hey, got a minute?

Mildly upsetting

Did you just cringe when you read that title?

I mean, yeah, you were cruising the web, you got north of ten tabs open on your browser, you knew you were already down the rabbit hole when those words popped up. But still, did you get that feeling of the beginnings of anger?

Just the words caused that. Right?

Not even the situation.
The words reminded you of the situation that angers us.



Even Easy Isn’t Easy

Newer ADHD Math

On Wednesday I wrote about a scenario where we get ourselves into trouble by taking on jobs that seem like they are doable with our personal skill sets, not ADHD skill sets but your individual skill sets, or mine.

Well, in truth, we take on those jobs without assessing skill requirements because we want to get on to the thing we want to do, whatever that might be.

We get...


It’s Not Easy

No one ever said it was easy to live with ADHD.

Well, there are people who claim that it doesn't exist, but they're just one more part of having ADHD that makes it difficult.

And this post is not about them, let's pretend they don't exist, see how they like that.

No, this post is about a specific scenario that many of us, perhaps all of us, have lived through repeatedly.
This is about "I Can Do That!"
The phrase,...