Too Many Irons

I also do laundry ... when I remember to

Some day I'm going to do an episode of my radio show on word association.

The problem is that my radio show is about music, not writing or ADHD or any of the other things I do.

In fairness, I do music too. I've written a few songs, gigged a bit in my home town, had one of my songs recorded by a local professional...

Adult ADHD

In This World

They are there ...

In this world there are rules.

Some of them are unwritten, assumed to be known and understood.

Some of them are written, and also assumed to be known and understood.

But the written rules are often written somewhere where they can't be seen by people living in this world.
And we ...
We often have no idea that there are rules, written or unwritten, about the weirdest stuff, like behavior.

We break...


ADHD, A Ready Made Market

I got a good deal ...

Those of us with ADHD know much of what we all have in common.

Attention control, not so good. Distraction levels, off the chart. Poor working memory, or something like that if I recall correctly. Time management, not really. Executive function, doesn't.

And what's that other thing? The one that fits in with all of this, or maybe is a combination of these things or the...


Stress, It’s On!

All tied up

So, the other day my partner and I were talking about ADHD as it relates to her practice in eye care.

She was not giving out details of patients, she has rules and she's very conscientious about following them.

But she was talking about how she often sees ADHD come in groups called families.

We've discussed the heritability of ADHD and our conversations have confirmed the facts for us both.


Will You Still Need Me?

There's never enough candles around anymore

Today, I'm sixty one years and one day old. I'm not 64.

But the Beatles song, "When I'm Sixty-Four" is playing in my head and I can't get it to stop.

That song asks some questions that have anxiety at their root.

Will you still need me? Will you still feed me?
I can be handy
Well, we don't have fuses in our house, we have breakers, but I'm good at...


I Have Secrets

Really good secrets!

I totally have secrets. Things that no one knows about me.

For one thing, I never shut up. Well, I do, but I don't. I'm always talking, often to myself, but sometimes I can get by with just talking to myself inside my head.

But I talk out loud enough that everything about me has been said by me at one time or another.
So, secrets? How?
How is it that I...


Keeping Your Head Down

Hi, I have ADHD

Last Friday I wrote about being an introvert while not appearing to be an introvert.

Today I'd like to talk about stigma and not attracting attention by ... attracting lots of attention. ADHD should likely stand for Acquired Dichotomies and Hiding Deftly. But it doesn't.

Additionally, I'd like to address the concept of labels in a small way, and I think we should start with that.
Labels ...
Labels are...


Letting Dough Rise

Bread's ready

One of the things I do is make bread.

It's a tradition that has come down for generations in my family.

By my grandmother's generation one could buy bread more easily than make it, but somehow it was understood that if it was for a special occasion you took the trouble to make bread yourself.

And my grandma was good at it. When the church needed fresh rolls for a dinner...


Inside Every Person With ADHD

And that's just the surface

Inside every person with ADHD is a mass of conflicts that those on the outside are barely aware of.

It's like looking into a gorge and seeing the active, roiling water churning on the top of the river, and thinking you're seeing the river.

As active and wild as that looks, as much as you think you'd like to either dive in to that or kayak...


New Beginnings In 2020?

We never were good with time

It's New Year's day. It rolled in here quietly in my home. We don't go crazy about it here.

As someone with ADHD I have had too many new beginnings to get excited about a made up one.

"But, it's the beginning of a new decade!" you say. Sorry, no, it's the last year of the twenty-teens decade. Decades start with the number 1 on the end of their...