On Tenter Hooks

... and somewhat stressed over it

Have you heard that turn of phrase before? It turns out that the original reference is to the stretching of woolen fabric after it has been cleaned and washed to remove dirt and oils from the original farm production of wool.

It seems that the fabric was stretched, wet, over a frame called a tenter, and held in place by ... you guessed it, tenter hooks.

And there was...
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Still Moving Forward

... no matter what speed

There was a time that the development of my brain would have been referred to as having been "retarded."

The word simply meant that some of the development occurred slower than was considered normal, or didn't complete. Fair enough.

But every time the medical community comes up with a label for the description of brain development that doesn't complete or goes astray in some manner, the world's neuro-typicals...
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We Learn

We learn how to do this, this thing called ADHD. We learn because we repeat things, mistakes, and coping skills. We learn because we have no choice.

We learn to live with our distractible natures. We learn to tolerate our repetitive foibles and lapses.

And we learn to accept the judgements that are constantly handed down to us.
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The ADHD Flight Plan

Find your own way down ... I'm flying

So yesterday, I took you on a trip up a ladder onto the roof of an old log cabin with a twelve year old me. My father and my eleven year old brother and I were tearing the shingles off the roof as the beginning of deconstructing the log cabin in order to move it.

And in true ADHD fashion, I found myself accidentally...
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Adult ADHD

Taking Flight With ADHD

Cruising the skies?

I'm going to tell you a little story. It happened over four decades ago, but it is a first hand story, it happened to me.

The racing ADHD mind is often wandering. And anything can trigger a new and random thought train.

My mind was constantly involved in the riddles of physics because the physical world distracted me perpetually.
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Is It Friday Yet?


You know when you're driving to the cottage, or grandma's place, or the water park, and the kids all start asking, "Are we there yet?"

Well, that's how it feels sometimes for me in the middle of the week.

And it's not because I'm looking for a break from a busy work week. It's actually me looking for a faster pace of activities. I'm just like those kids, bored with the work week...
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The Stupid Part Of ADHD Diagnosis

Diagnostic info ...

I have studied the diagnosis criteria for ADHD for some time now.

I've also looked into past criteria, did you know it changes from time to time? Yep, it does.

And the reason it changes is not that they can't make up their minds ... well, maybe it is, sort of, but it's really more about the fact that they're learning more about this insidious disorder all the time.
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ADHD Gone Fishing

Where my mind is right now ...

That title sounds like I, as someone with ADHD, have gone fishing. I have not.

Well, I've gone fishing before, but not recently.

No, today I'm pondering how to identify how much of what I experience is colored by my having ADHD. I'm fishing, if you will, for that always elusive understanding of the effects of this disorder.

And particularly, I'm trying to understand how it affects me...
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Creation As Symptom

Develop creativity?

So on Wednesday we looked at the possibility that creativity is learned behavior and how having ADHD might make us more likely to learn that behavior.

But what if it actually is a potential symptom? How would that work?

And is there a possibility that that might be true?
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