What’s The Good Word?


People with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are more likely to have difficulty communicating.

And as is often the case with manifestations of ADHD related issues, there are several reasons for this.

Consider, just for starters, the fact that each word one hears must first be recognized.
Yes, I know we have minds, I know that the idea that we can't recognize words might be insulting, but that wasn't my point.

We recognize most,...


There Comes A Time …

What time is it?

Having ADHD is often a kind of blurry rush through life, like I'm on autopilot.

And as long as everything is going okay, or at least not exploding with the force of the birth of a star, I just let it slide by.

Yes, it is true that since being diagnosed I have acquired some mechanisms by which I am enjoying my life much more than I had been. And yes,...


The Light In The Fridge

Sometimes it works ...

There are parts of ADHD that just are. They are real and can be observed, especially from within.

The buzz and electric crackle of our brains when we are in electric bounce mode, jumping from one thing to another, bumper cars let loose in the living room of life, that's one of those things.

And the way we can accept an appointment from someone with a date and...


Let The Storm Come


Have you ever started into a day that you know is going to be bad?

Of course you have. We all have.

And you've even sometimes known it was going to be bad without knowing fully just why that was or how bad it was going to be.

And when you don't know how bad it's going to be, it always feels like it's going to be worse than it ever was before...


This Day Suits Me

... suits me

As has happened 21842 times before, I have a day before me in which to accommodate and pacify my world by my actions.

And as has happened in over the last ten years, I am less worried about it than I used to be.

And it has nothing to do with doing less or being more responsible, well, not really much.
Diagnose this!
Nine years ago I was diagnosed with ADHD. And...


The Things I Remember

Move along quietly now

Yesterday I had a great idea for a post for today.

I remember thinking it was great, that it was the epitome of ADHD and its issues.

And I remember thinking I couldn't forget the subject, because it was so embedded in ADHD symptomatology that it was obvious to everyone, especially me.

So here I am, ready to write about it ...
Whatever it was
The feeling that I...


Lost In The Laundry Room

Oh, thanks for that ...

You know those maps of the mall? The ones with the arrow that says, "You are here!" printed just beneath it?

You know how useless they can be if you can't recognize any of the features on the map in your immediate surroundings?

Life with ADHD can be like that. We feel like we're told where we should be in life for the age we're at,...


Stuff Happens and I Keep Going

Forward, ever forward

This is the state of affairs for humans.

Things, unexpected or otherwise, happen. And then we keep going. Until we die.

This, has nothing to do with ADHD.
But ...
Everyone knows what it is like to be distracted. This is also a human trait.

We all know what it's like to walk through a doorway and arrive in a room without a clue why we came into that room.

We all misplace our keys...


How To Date Someone With ADHD

You should play!

I think it's time we gave out some of our secrets.

Well, okay, they aren't secrets, they're more like observations that haven't been made by neuro-typicals.

The NTs aren't unobservant, they just quit looking, quit observing once they think they understand someone.

But since ADHD has been around for ... well, forever, and they're only just starting to recognize it now, I think it's fair to assume that they're still not...


Weather The Storm

It's always on its way ...

It's October the 23rd, 2018. And I live in Canada.

The days can be warm this time of year, or they can be cool.

This year, we've seen snow already, last year we were still swimming in the bay on the 22nd ... quickly in and out, just to say we'd done it mostly.

I'm looking at the snowblower in the back shed and getting ready to load it...