Three Times A Week

... posts and counting!

So, I write posts for this blog three times a week.

Important stuff like the following observation.

I've been doing this for over six years. I've written over a thousand posts.

And yes, I am a bit repetitious, sorry about that.

But in my defense, OVER ONE THOUSAND POSTS!!!
That's a lot of words. I could have written a book by now, eh?

And what amazes me is that, even with repetition, I come up...


ADHD Cottage

The stress of the calm

We spent the weekend at the cottage again.

We do that a lot. I like the cottage and so does my partner. And since our cottage is a year round place, we go there probably four out of every five weekends.

And yes, being in a different situation does affect me. And yes, I have opinions about my ADHD and the interaction between it and the change...


The One Day Perspective

one of these days ... ?

I remember times when I was all but shut down.

Emotionally, intellectually, even physically, I was not participating.

I was, instead, putting all my effort and all my concentration into willing time to go faster, willing my life to move forward to a point in time when I could be assured of not having to interact with my life the way it was then.
When was this?
School. Ah yes,...


Where Do You Belong?

I belong there ...

You are an adult with ADHD. You know the feeling of being somewhere that you don't belong. You know it well.

You didn't belong in so many groups and organizations didn't fit in at school, at social gatherings, weren't sure why you were invited to participate in organized events.

Yeah, me neither.


ADHD Marathon

Yes, that's me ...

I've never run a marathon.

And I am not ever going to.

If there were ever days of running long distances for me, they're over, trust me. And by long distances I mean anything over a block. I can walk for miles, yet running is beyond the capacity of my lungs and the resilience of my body.

But I am in a marathon, one that requires endurance and resilience...


Calendars And Coffee

I could schedule coffee, I suppose

Sounds like that should be a song title, doesn't it? Or at least a poem.

But it's actually just two of my more organized and most relied on coping mechanisms.

The coffee, I'm sure, is obvious.
Coffee as coping ...
First I drink the coffee, then I do the things. It's how I get started in the morning. It's what keeps me going through the day.

And as incongruous as it may...

Adult ADHD

Taking the Day Off

No really ... I am!


I'm sick. I'm going to take the day off. I'll write a blog post for you on Friday, I promise.

Don't look at me like that. I'm sick. I really am.

I mean, I know that I've made excuses in my life. Before I knew I had ADHD I made excuses all the time for the things I did and the way I lived and the way I skipped around...

Adult ADHD

ADHD? Be The Water

No two days the same ...

I confess, I spent the weekend, or a good part of it, at the cottage.

And while we were there we did indeed build a fire by the shore and roast marshmallows and watch the sun set and the stars come out, because that's what you're supposed to do at the cottage, right?

And while there were no screens around at that time, the constant...


Therapeutically Speaking …

But what kind?

Today we'll be talking about memory issues ...

What? Oh, you remembered that? Yes, I did say on Wednesday that I'd discuss ADHD therapies today.
Oh, and the first one that comes to mind is coping mechanisms. Like making yourself accountable so that you're obligated, in a tolerable way, to follow through with things.

Because there's no cure for ADHD, therapies need to address symptoms and compensate for or negate them. Making yourself accountable,...


ADHD: No Cure, But …

... doesn't mean no hope

ADHD is a developmental disorder. Something went wrong, or different, during the development of my frontal lobe.

Brain chemistry has been affected, as well as pathways of communication.

It's not that the chemistry has been shut down, just reduced or restricted to some extent.

And the communication pathways are there, they're just rough goat paths through rocky terrain instead of nicely surfaced pathways through an urban park setting.

And these are...

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