Welcome To The Swamp

No, really!

You've heard the expression, "I'm swamped!" right?

I've heard it. I've laughed at it.

I've been swamped the way some people get swamped and I call that .... life.

Real life is being swamped.
And feeling swamped?
Feeling swamped is taking inventory of what's ahead of you. Well, that's how it works for me.

I'll often stop and assess what I have yet to do for the morning or the afternoon, or the day, or the...


Breaking The Speed Barrier

The race is on ...

We all know that the faster we go the less we get done.

But I've never really thought about why that happens before.

I know that part of it is that when we go fast we make mistakes, that's a commonality of humanity. speed and perfection can only be attained through repetitious practice of the thing we wish to be fast at.

And repetition causes boredom. And boredom is anathema...


Dichotomy Of Attention

... to the best of your ability

Inattentiveness seems to be defined as "not paying attention to what you're supposed to be paying attention to."

But what, or who, decides what you're supposed to be paying attention to?

Our minds decide what we want to focus on.

And my mind knows I like to write.
Now it's true ...
There's something a little thrilling about paying attention to something you feel guilty about focusing on. I...


Diversify And Conquer

New business card?Kelly Babcock, Diversifier, Catch me if you can

I've had a lot of different jobs in my life.

I always seemed to get bored with them. And that's a very specific description of what happens, but not really accurate.

I get bored and I have ADHD and bored with ADHD is like poison.

Bored is quite specifically a recipe for disaster. If I don't move on from the thing that is causing me to...



I don't want to go overboard ...

Overboard: adv.

1. Over or as if over the side of a boat or ship.

2. To go to extremes, especially as a result of enthusiasm.

Does this seem like it should be one of our words?

I make a fair bit of my living with words. I write. I edit. I perform songs I've written when...


You Knew It Was Coming …

Or tomorrow, and it needs three days of work?

Have you ever planned ahead for something that was, say two months off, and when the event or occasion arrived you were all ready and everything went according to plan right down to the last detail because you were on top of every aspect of the thing?

Yeah, me neither.

I don't know why it is that I can feel comfortable with knowing something...


What’s It Like?

Well, I'll just tell you. It's like ...

I don't get asked often, and when I do it's usually by someone who suspects that they too have ADHD, but still, I sometimes get asked.

"What's it like having ADHD?"

And, although I'm not really a talkative guy (blatant lie), I always try to answer honestly and truthfully.

And in all truth and honesty, I sometimes wonder if I hit all the notes in the...


Write New Now!

It took a while for me to find the right job for myself. Nearly fifty years really. I figured it out at about the same time I figured out I had ADHD. But that was just a coincidence. Well, figuring them out at the same time was a coincidence, making the one work because I was finding out about the other was downright fortuitous. I'm pretty sure that if I hadn't found out about my ADHD, what it meant, and started learning how to deal with it for me, I'd have had a pretty good chance at wrecking this vocation as well.


No Focus?

ADHD is supposedly primarily about focus, or a lack there of. The first two word in the name are Attention Deficit. That should sum up the focus problem. But does it? It suggests that we have no attention to spend or spare, inadequate attentive ability to span a problems breadth. Well, I'm not buying it. I have attention. I have focus.


Minimal Brain Dysfunction

May Be, D'oh!

That really doesn't sound so bad, does it? I mean, it's brain dysfunction, supposedly, but it's minimal.

And it has the added bonus of being something everyone could claim.

Every time someone forgets something or makes a mistake in calculations, they could say, "Well, obviously my brain wasn't functioning quite right or I'd not have done that. But it's only minimal, 'cause I got so many other things right. I got to...

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