ADHD & Addictions

What's your addiction?

I'm trying to figure out why so many of us have addiction issues.

Okay, I'm not a scientist, not a doctor of medicine or a researcher. That's all true.

But I am trying to figure out what goes on inside my head that makes it so easy for me to become addicted to things.

And I may have figured it out. Well, partly.
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Too Smart

... to believe

Have you heard it yet? Have you had someone tell you that they know you don't have ADHD because you're too smart?

Have you had someone tell you that their child was offered a diagnosis of ADHD but they refused to accept that because they knew it wasn't true. And they based their declaration on their knowledge of their child's intelligence. They declared their child too smart to smart to...
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Life Long Learning

Still learning ...

There's a reason we, the people with ADHD, often feel like we don't belong. It's that we get left behind.

No, I don't mean picked last or not at all for games and sports, though many of us knew that feeling. I mean that we see many people doing many things and we say to ourselves, "I want to do that!"

And when we say, "that," we mean all of it. We...
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Turned Up On Bust

Cranked up past ten ...

I'm not sure how prevalent that bit of slang is. I've only heard a couple of Newfoundlanders use it. It means turned up so high or fast that it can't help but break down. Like running an outboard motor at full throttle until it gives up and goes home without you, as they say.

Locally I've heard the phrase "Turned up to eleven." That pretty much means the same...
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Overwhelm Me!

A problem in itself

I've been thinking about my "busyness" a lot lately. Mostly it's because I've been very busy lately. But additionally it's because sometimes being busy overwhelms me and sometimes it just doesn't.

And I'd kind of like to know why. So I've been pondering my busyness, breaking it down, examining it when it whelms me and when it doesn't.

And I may have figured...
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ADHD Has Stolen My Books

There they are ...

Ha. That is a blatant falsehood.

But I will not apologize for it, because, while it is untrue in every literal sense (see what I did there?) it is basically the truth of my situation.

When I was a child, I was taught to read at an early age by a brilliant woman who I am proud to say is part of the gene pool from which I emerged.

As a former school...
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