“Explaining My Mental Illness”: A Poem

I crouch within a whirlwindOf tangled tumbling black-and-yellow moodsThat hiss and shout and shriek.I blink within a dust cloud that pollutes my vision.I open my mouth to explainBut a chorus of bats fly out. There are cobwebs in the parts of my heart


Is Addiction Lurking in Your Medicine Cabinet?

As a result of a raging opioid epidemic, many people have become aware of the dangers of prescription painkillers like hydrocodone (Vicodin) and oxycodone (OxyContin). But there are several other medicines commonly found in the medicine cabinet that also pose a risk of addiction for your family and anyone else who might be shopping around in your medicine cabinet. Are any of these...

Living with ADHD

Self-Improvement Is Tricky

I have a problem with self-improvement. The problem is this: I’m so great, I don’t know what I could possibly do to improve myself. Just kidding. Actually, it’s more of the opposite.

Mental Health

You Only Need One Ticket

"She's got her ticket, I think she gonna use it, I think she going to fly away, No one should try and stop her, Persuade her with their power, She says that...


Where Do Our Fears Come From? I Examine Six Theories.

Today I will be discussing six theories that attempt to explain the origins of our fears. For those interested in making this article more interactive, you can think about your own fears, and as we go along, check to see if any of these theories can explain the onset of your fears.


Memorial Day & Family: 5 Tips

It's a day in which we remember the people who died in serving this country in active military duty. For many of us, this includes family members.For veterans and active-duty members of the military, it's can be an emotional day of both pride and honor and sadness. For nearly everyone, it's a day of remembrance and...

coping skills

The Stone In My Pocket

I carry a stone in my pocket. It’s a small stone given to me by a speaker at this year’s Blueridge Mountain Christian Writer’s Conference near Ashville, NC. As five hundred aspiring...


A Parent’s Capacity To Choose & Teach Kindness To Their Kids

Kindness, compassion and gratitude are three of the most impactful, least pharmacological interventions that guarantee a positive effect on our neurological functioning and emotions. We have an enormous breadth of research on how and why kindness has the capacity to not only positively alter the mood of others and also has a


Grab Your Towel …

Ready for the road ...I'm ready.Today, May 25th, is towel day in honor of the late, great, Douglas Adams, author of the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (A trilogy in four parts) comprised of five books.And I like to celebrate that, even though you won't catch me wearing or carrying a...


Don’t Rely on Others to Validate Your Feelings

Have others minimized, shamed, or invalidated your feelings? Having your feelings diminished, ignored, or rejected is a painful experience for all of us – but even more so if you’re a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) or survivor of abuse or other trauma.It’s important to have a...


Today I Love The Sounds Of Birds

The well-trimmed urban lawnToday I love the sounds of birds everywhere and the way they start before dawn and don't quit until after sunset. I love all the different sounds they make, love the whistling and cooing and chirping, love how absolutely animated and energized and excited they all sound. Birds...


It Finally Happened! (The Miracle Gardenia)

There it is, folks - the miracle gardenia blossom!I have to admit I had lost all faith. Or hope. Or whatever you feel when you watch a gardenia bush (in my case, two gardenia bushes) growing right outside your casa for more than two years now and neither of them ever produces a...

Love & Affection

Famous Single Women: Guest Post by Maureen Paraventi

[Bella’s intro:  I always have a stack of books waiting for my attention. Before I add a book to my pile, I flip through it. When I did that with Maureen Paraventi’s new book, The New Old Maid: Satisfied Single Women, I noticed something great. At the end of the book was a section, “Famous Old Maids,” of biographies – usually about a...


The 3 Essential Steps to Self-Compassion

We generally feel good about ourselves when we’ve achieved a meaningful goal, believe ourselves to be “on top of things”, and receive positive feedback from others. The challenge lies in dealing with those times when we’re off our game, disappoint ourselves or someone important to us, or fail to get something we value. At such moments,...

Mental Health

The Power Of A Support Group

"When you're weary, feeling small, When tears are in your eyes, I'll dry them all" Paul SimonIn my first hospitalization when I was thrust into group therapy I really didn't grasp the concept. 


What You Take for Granted May be the Key to Happiness

Taking things for granted is natural and necessary. If we could take nothing for granted, we'd be stuck in a neverending battle with overwhelming uncertainty and worry.Is the sun going to rise tomorrow? Probably a good idea to assume it will and go about your day.What you take for granted is one less...

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