The Anger Series Post 4: Moving On to Reinvention

This is part 4 of a 4-part series on anger, an emotion common to most people with disabilities, hidden or in plain view. The first post, , talked about the way our anger is handled in TV and movies. The second post, , explored the different ways we process anger. Last week’s third post,...


What It’s Like to Be a Porn Addict? An Interview with Noah Church (Part 1)

Noah Church is a well-known speaker on issues related to porn addiction. He is also the author of Wack: Addicted to Internet Porn, an educational look at how internet porn affects its users. Additionally, he has created the website, Addicted to Internet Porn. On that site, he has compiled information learned from his own and others’ experiences with digital pornography. He also...


Hypocrisy And Genocide

"A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic." These words are often attributed to the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, but I have not found a precise citation for this...


Up Or Down?

Saying goodbye gets easier ...I realize that my blog post subjects often depend on my mood.And I'm sorry about that, since sometimes I'm in a down or depressed mood.And yet, I'm not really all that sorry. Sorry, not sorry ... See, you have up days and down days...


Today I Love The First Snow

Spring is always coming ...Today I love the first snow of this season that I've seen. I love how a sense of foreboding builds until it happens and then there is a release as I accept that it has happened and that it is a sure sign that...


6 Dangerous Delusions Someone You Know Might Have

Have you ever spoken to someone with delusions?Would you know a delusion if you encountered one?What about a person experiencing a hallucination?If you found yourself shaking your head "no" to these questions, that's okay because you are not alone.This article will engage you in exploring the experience of those who struggle with delusions. 


Common Thinking Errors Behind Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is rooted in fear and it is the fear of sexual failure in the future based on sexual failure in the past. The fear itself is not rational and is not adaptive in any way. Performance anxiety is also rooted in a variety of irrational beliefs, faulty sexual scripts and thinking errors that fuel...


Give Yourself a Gift

Ram Dass is sitting at the bedside of a woman in her 60’s, dying from cancer. Their brief conversation holds keys not only for dying but for living.

ADHD Symptoms

Amazing Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

With the rising popularity of the Paleo and Keto dietary trends, you may have also been hearing the term Intermittent Fasting being tossed around like a kale salad. If the idea of fasting brings up images of starvation, deprivation and suffering for days on end, you might want to take another look.Though...

Do You Need A Micro Vacation?

There's nothing micro about looking for tickets to take a trip to Bangkok and, this past week I found myself looking for flights online. Why Bangkok? I don't know.  I'll admit I...


Why Is This So Hard

I can fix that!I'm about to go do a little job.The job involves replacing a switch on my big boat.I also have to install the battery on it to make sure the switch works.Once those two things are done, the boat is probably sold. How hard could it be? Straight up easy. I've...