Today I Love The Sweet Crisp Smell Of Apples

Autumnal roads ...Today I love the sweet crisp smell of apples at the market in October. I love the way a day can go from bright and sunny to dark and surly and then change its mind and return to sunny again. I love that there is a forty percent chance of...


How To Live After Trauma

Trauma has a particularly destructive effect on our minds and consciousness.  After trauma we experience problems with time, memory, self, keeping perspective.  In my view we have no choice but to continually try to re-balance our minds and selves. This is something we have to make a commitment to keep working on every day, throughout life....


Part 1: Asperger’s & Empathy

Mother and Daughter Elise, 36, has Asperger’s. She sits in her mother’s living room, researching the neurological implications of trauma spectrum disorders in early childhood development.  Her mother, Linda, 58, sits...

Bipolar Irritability And Rage

If you live with bipolar disorder you have experienced irritability. It is that feeling like sandpaper on our brain. Everything bugs us. No one else can say the right thing. Often times...

Mental Health

Pre-existing Conditions

"One pill makes you larger, And one pill makes you small, And the ones that mother gives you, Don’t do anything at all" Grace Slick I am coming to full acceptance of the...


Authors Share Their Best Writing Advice

Whether we write or practice any kind of skill or craft, we are always learning. There's always something to sharpen, to cultivate, to discover, to understand on a deeper, almost cellular level. There's always more to study and more to master.

A Letter to a Sociopath

Dear Sociopath,A lot of people would say that writing you this letter would be a big waste of time, because sociopaths are known to be void of feelings. They lack a conscious...


Can We Agree?

Do we win? ... or lose?You and I, we know this thing we call ADHD.But just who is it calling it ADHD?Well, that's the name given in the DSM, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. But it's not the only book on all things health related. There is ... There's the ICD. It's...


Today I Love This Old House

Lazy, lazy, lazy ...Today I love this old house and how it has grown to become home to me. I love that, though it is clearly nestled in suburbia and fits in with its surroundings very well, I sometimes get the sense that it is an old farmhouse deep down in its...


Rebellion: Necessary for Mental Health?

Here's the oxymoron. The nicest people I know are the ones that never rebelled against their parents and they're full of rage and bitterness. Conversely, the most peaceful people of my acquaintance are the ones who rebelled against family expectations and followed their own star.