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Vote No: Ivanka Trump, Postpartum Depression, and The Graham Cassidy Bill

Earlier this week during an interview on the “Dr. Oz” show, Ivanka Trump revealed a personal battle with postpartum depression. She joins a chorus of celebrities speaking out about their experiences and bringing much needed attention to an issue that impacts millions of women and families each year.  While I applaud anyone willing to speak about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, I...
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Should You Hide Your Anxiety from Your Children?

Like any good parent I spend a lot of time thinking of everything I did wrong when raising my children. While I say this tongue-in-cheek, I do think it is something lots of parents do, to various degrees. None of us is perfect, and given another chance, many of us would
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I Still Don’t See …

Oh, I see ... I've been struggling to describe ADHD in a way that could be understood. And part of that struggle comes from the fact that I don't really understand what it is like to not have ADHD In the past I spent time not knowing I had ADHD, thinking I was just...
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Anger and Opioid Addiction

Anonymous is an organization that has helped millions of alcoholics manage their drinking problems over the years. The AA 12-step program has in recent years also been useful to many opioid addicts. However, it does not cure them; there is another issue that is directly related to substance abuse,...
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Adult Children of Alcoholics

How to Break the Cycle of Codependency

This article focuses on how parents can break the cycle of codependency by learning to parent differently. However, you can use these strategies even if you're not a parent (or your children are grown).  You can apply many of these parenting strategies to yourself. Yep! Sounds strange, but you can...
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Mentoring Book Reviews

Potent Healing from an Unexpected Place

My precious avian, Pearl, poses with two of his mommy's new Dr. Weiss books! I am an avid reader. This is likely no secret if you have read at least one post here. I especially enjoy books about animals. I like learning about their preferences, habits, behaviors, feelings, thoughts and needs. During the animal communication...
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What Motivates Conspicuous Consumption?

If you’ve ever wondered what exactly people are looking to accomplish by flaunting their wealth with fancy cars and expensive clothes, you’re not alone. In fact, several psychology researchers have asked this same question – and come up with at least a few answers. Most recently, an international group of
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Today I Love The Butter Cream Clouds

Awesome clouds Today I love the butter cream clouds in the morning's Azure sky. I love the soft sweet lull of this end of Summer's days and hours and minutes. I love that the count down is on and at 4:02 this afternoon, my new favorite season will start. I love...
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Anxious behavior

6 Things the Unloved Child Longs For

If there were a single image that summed up my childhood, it would be one of me reading a book. I learned to read very young—at three, sitting in my father’s lap as he read the Wall Street Journal—and stories were my refuge and sustenance.
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coping skills

3 Natural Tips To Relieve Symptoms Of Depression

Introduction Are you depressed?  Are you looking for tips to relieve depression?  This article will provide this answer.  They are exercising, eating well, and getting enough sleep. Exercising According to , the first tip to ease symptoms associated with depression is to exercise.  Exercising releases endorphins which enables you to feel better and decrease levels of depression.  You do not have to enroll in...
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Are You Securely Attached?

Having strong emotional bonds with other people is a marker of good mental health. Our relationships reflect our internal landscape, and vice versa. But what is a secure attachment, and do you have them in your life? Read on to find out.
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Vulnerability Isn’t A Weakness; It’s A Great Strength

Linda: It is all quite experimental, this learning to communicate well with our partner. Far too many of us came to partnership with inadequate models of communication from our families. If we dedicate ourselves to learning the skills of effective communication, we can master them, but it takes commitment, time, effort, patience and creativity. Consider the challenge...
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