Remember the days of “Leo-mania,” when all the girls (myself excluded) lined up at the cinemas to watch Titanic for the fifth time, just to see their idol Leonardo “King of the World” DiCaprio romance Kate Winslet on the silver screen? Remember how females of all ages wanted their very own Lloyd Dobbler after a young John Cusack stole hearts with his infamous boombox scene in Say Anything?

Remember when Alec Baldwin was hailed as a sex symbol rather than the world’s worst father? (Never mind. Let’s not go there.)

Adoration for the stars is a never-ending sensation amongst younger generations regardless of time. The only difference now from the past is that the queues have become longer and more in the form of a stampede outside Madison Square Garden, awaiting the appearance of teen idol Justin Bieber. A 16-year-old probably wouldn’t have attracted as much attention as Bieber back in the day. (Honorable mentions: Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, the whole vampire craze.) I daresay celebrity obsession has become a bigger phenomenon in the last decade.

Thanks to the interwebs, the world now has 24/7 access to entertainment information. It certainly doesn’t help that social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook encourage fans to “get close” with celebs nowadays. Having the slightest chance to talk to your favorite public figure can be a thrilling thought indeed, especially if that particular person is known to be responsive. (See: John Mayer and Ashton Kutcher.)

Do you think media obsession is a problem today? Why or why not? Even better, do you have your own celebrity crush?
Now, if you will excuse me, this blogger is going to return to Googling images of her latest dreamboat, Ken Watanabe.