In kindergarten, I was closest with a guy named Daniel. Or David … I can’t remember. That’s how much our friendship has been forgotten. Clearly, we are no longer in touch.

In Grade 3, I played street hockey (or something resembling the game) with someone, who proceeded to ignore me for no apparent reason in the following year despite having previously called me “the best friend in the whole wide world”. Sad, but true. Another beloved pal gone.

Like every other youth, I continue to encounter friendship issues as I approach adulthood. I have seemingly lost touch with many of my formerly good friends over the past few years without ever really knowing the real reason. Which makes me wonder: How on Earth did we come up with the “friends forever” concept in the first place anyway?

Call me cynical, but I’m beginning to realize perhaps it is impossible to have a single person you can confidently introduce as your best friend for life (or as we now coin it, “BFF”). Things just change for reasons unknown. I thought I had a BFF in someone several years ago when I started high school; in the end, I was left feeling very abandoned and alone.

You see, friendship is a fragile thing. No matter how close you are at a given moment to a particular individual (or more), this coherency won’t always be there. Priorities will change and suddenly, you will find yourself taking a rain check for a get-together because this person has a “really important meeting that can’t be missed”, meaning he’s due to meet his girlfriend or she is running late for a manicure appointment.

That being said, I am not this negative about society all the time. Sometimes, the closest friendships can have the most peculiar beginnings. Today, I am “best friends” with someone I used to frequently argue and physically fight with during our childhood, as well as someone I randomly met through a 30 Rock fan community. What can I say? Some things just aren’t that predictable.

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