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Yoga And Recovery: Talking With Yoga Instructor And Author Kyczy Hawk

Last week, I shared information about yoga and addiction recovery - specifically, five ways yoga can help addicts in recovery.

Fortunately, Kyczy Hawk stumbled across the piece.

Hawk, a San Jose-based yoga instructor who focuses on addiction recovery, is also the author of the recently published "Yoga and the Twelve-Step Path," and agreed to a quick interview to provide Your Body,...
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5 Ways Yoga Helps Addiction Recovery

Lyn Tally, Go Interactive Wellness | CC

Are you a recovering alcoholic or drug addict? Have you thought about incorporating yoga into your recovery?

Maybe you should give it a try.

That, for many people, yoga is an effective way to manage mental health issues like anxiety and depression is no secret; however, according to Jennifer Garam's Sun Salutations in Sobriety, people also use yoga...
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