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10 Mindful Quotes to Get You Through the Holidays

Last week I blogged about how my family couldn’t really “get it together” this holiday season. Food, presents, travel—you name it, we've agonized over it.

My rational self knows the holidays aren't about any of those things; they’re trivial. Still, that knowledge doesn't always stop me—or any of us—from stressing over them.

So, I've turned to what I often turn to when I need to focus—quotes—and compiled a list of 10 quotes that I believe will help...
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Thanksgiving Meditation: Giving Thanks vs. Being Thankful

Satya Murthy | CC

“Thanksgiving is, after all, a word of action.” – Cameron

This has always been one of my favorite holiday-related quotes. During Thanksgiving, we feel thankful for all we do we actually give thanks for those blessings? Do we pay our blessings forward so that others might enjoy a little of what we have?

Tomorrow, many of us Americans will devour feasts fit for a...
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12 Quotes to Refresh Your Body and Mind This Winter Season

Although he's not quite here yet (there are still a few red and orange leaves clinging for dear life), Old Man Winter is definitely heading up the driveway.

Personally, I love winter. I love snow and fireplaces and hot chocolate. I love snuggling up with my dog (and other loved ones!), decorating for the holidays, and baking warm goodies.

However, winter is hard on some folks. For many, it's difficult to nourish our bodies and minds...
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Monthly Meditation: Good Times End, But Memories Last Forever

Alright, so summer’s not technically over, but the kids are off to school, some leaves have already started falling, and Labor Day has come and gone.

We might as well call it a season.

Still, this image and quote reminded me that good times (like those that leave tan lines) always come to an end (just as they always begin again), but the memories they leave behind -- how they affect us -- always stick around.

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Monthly Meditation: From Where Does the Joy Come?

Fe Ilya | CC

As I mentioned before, I've had a little trouble getting back into serious running lately.

I've had various conversations about this. Some people say, "Just get out there and do it." Others say, "Just be patient; it'll come back to you."

Others still say, "Maybe you just don't want to run anymore."

However, the funniest conversation I had about running (or, not running) was...
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Monthly Meditation: Declare Your Independence

This Friday, we'll celebrate the Fourth of July here in America. The Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day, marks our country's independence from Great Britain (or, the United Kingdom) back on July 4, 1776.

Imagine that! An entire country celebrating its independence from an entire other country. Wow!

Of course, it didn't happen overnight. The United States of America fought hard for its freedom from England.

These days, we celebrate all that hard fighting and winning...
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Monthly Meditation: Surfing the Waves

This post is part of Your Body, Your Mind’s “Monthly Meditation” series, designed to provide readers with an idea or thought to meditate on during the month.

June kicks off summer vacation and for many of us, that means a trip (or several, depending on where you live!) to the beach.

Ah, the beach. Most of us associate it with relaxation, rejuvenation, and maybe even some recreation -- like surfing.

Author Jon Kabat-Zinn said,...
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