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Welcome Back to Healthy Living!


Welcome back, sweet readers!

Or…welcome back, me?

Better yet, welcome back, healthy living.

As you may or may not have noticed (depending on how familiar you are with this blog), Your Body, Your Mind has been on hiatus since around September (not too long after I posted the poll asking whether you take a break from exercising during a vacation…hmm…).

The hiatus wasn’t planned; it sort of crept up on me as my lifestyle began changing. After that vacation, it was difficult for me to get back into the swing of working out and eating (for the most part) healthy foods. I managed to post a couple of times after returning from vacation, but the more my lifestyle changed (for the worse, mind you), the less frequently I posted until, finally, the blog came to a standstill.


Frankly, I felt like a fraud.

I stopped going to the gym. I stopped practicing yoga. I stopped cooking healthy meals. I stopped outdoor activities that weren’t directly related to my dog.

Basically, my life became all about work and deciding the next show to binge on.

Because my lifestyle changed so drastically, it became extremely difficult to write authentic posts. Who was I to offer tips on how to work through the anxiety of joining a gym when I couldn’t even drag myself back to the weight stack?

However, this sob story does have a happy ending. Over the past month or so, I’ve been to the gym a few times, am sampling some yoga classes at a new studio (with friends — yay!), and started eating healthier.

Sure, I have a long way to go to get back to — and surpass — where I was; however, that’s okay, isn’t it?


I started this blog in 2012 because I wanted to connect with other people who use healthy foods and exercising as ways to help manage their mental health. Even before I started the blog — and, obviously, after — I’ve had some setbacks.

Haven’t we all, though?

Sometimes, other parts of our lives get in the way. We get consumed by work deadlines, family responsibilities, and even our own heads. Maybe depression and anxiety becomes too overwhelming. Maybe a mood disorder stops responding to medicine. Maybe seasonal affective disorder keeps you chained inside the house until the sun starts shining again.

Whatever the reason, setbacks happen, and after some reflection I decided to return to Your Body, Your Mind to share my setback story and my journey back to success (which has, of course, a different definition for everyone) because, you know what…

…if you’re interested in this blog, chances are high you’ve had some setbacks, too. Chances are high you want to get tips on how someone else is overcoming or has overcome his or her struggles. Chances are high you have your own comeback story to share.

Chances are high we can work on this together.

So, welcome back to working our way toward a healthier lifestyle.

P.S. If you’re currently struggling, too, feel free to share your story in the comments below. Or, if you’ve struggled in the past and can offer some tips on how to get back at it, share your story, too!

Welcome Back to Healthy Living!

Alicia Sparks

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