Guess what, ladies: When it comes to issues with body image, it seems we’re not alone.

According to a recent HuffPost Women project, some men deal with some of the same body image issues we women deal with…

…however, their reasons might be a bit different from ours.

Rather than trying to attain the ever-elusive perfectly thin body for society’s sake (“People will accept me/love me/admire me more if I’m skinny”), some studies suggest men see their bodies as reflections of who they are and who they can be as men.

For example:

One study found that men linked being fat with “weakness of will,” while being lean and muscular was associated with “feelings of confidence and power in social situations.”

So, I’m interested in hearing from Your Body, Your Mind’s male readers on this one.

If you struggle with body issues, why? Do you strive to meet society’s standards, or is it a more personal reason?

Chime in down below in the comments! Let’s get a conversation going!

(Topic Source: 19 Men Go Shirtless and Share Their Body Image Struggles)