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5 Ways to Make Exercise as Painless as Possible


As a fitness writer and coach who has been training consistently for over a decade, I can confidently say that I don’t like exercising, and that’s okay. — Dick Talens

Bet you that’s not a statement you’d ever expect to hear from a fitness writer and coach, but that’s exactly the message Dick Talens sends in his latest Lifehacker piece, “You Might Never Love Exercise (But Do It Anyway).”

Well, that and the “do it anyway” part, of course.

You see, Talens sympathizes with the hell some people associate with working out, and that feels good, doesn’t it? The reality is that some folks just flat hate working out, and it probably feels nice to know they’re not alone — especially when they’re in the company of someone who writes and coaches fitness.

However (and this is a BIG however), Talens also points out the positives of exercising, including the mental health benefits —

Various meta-analyses have found evidence to suggest that both resistance training and cardio can be just as good as medication in treating mild to moderate depression, and can be immensely helpful for decreasing stress anxiety.

— as well as the physical benefits:

With consistent exposure to exercise, your cells strengthen themselves against damage by increasing its production of antioxidant enzymes (i.e. their cells defense to the free radical’s offense), which continue to protect your body at rest. This may help protect your body from certain cancers, heart disease and various neurodegenerative diseases.

If those important facts aren’t enough to get you to the gym, Talens offers five ways you can motivate yourself a little more by making exercise as painless as possible. Head on over to “You Might Never Love Exercise (But Do It Anyway)” to read about keeping workouts short, changing “should” to “will,” looking for “non-exercise,” and more.

5 Ways to Make Exercise as Painless as Possible

Alicia Sparks

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