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Feeling a Little Unfit? 13 Reasons NOT to Get in Shape


Lately, I’ve been super focused on getting fit.

After my father’s death (and all the subsequent life-altering experiences that came with that while trying to juggle “regular” everyday life such as work), I put on a few pounds, made excuses not to run or attend yoga classes, and — well — just basically put my physical health on the backburner.

Now that I’ve had some time to adjust, it’s time to get back on track. I joined a gym in January (and am proud to say I’ve made it out of the “January Club”!), started cleaning up my diet again, and have been browsing various yoga classes to find something that’ll get me out of my living room and back into the studio.

(Now, if only this pesky bitter cold winter would pass, I could get off the treadmill and back to the park!)

Anyway, during this journey back to getting fit, I’ve done some thinking about why I want to get fit. Simply put, it’s for me. I want to feel better physically (which always makes me feel better mentally) as well as feel comfortable in my own skin again (another mental perk!).

During these musings, I started wondering about the reasons not to get fit. That’s right; while I firmly believe in physical wellness and how it impacts our mental health and wellness, I also believe there are reasons you should avoid when getting in shape…and I think many of you will be able to relate.

So, without further ado, do not start getting fit to:

  1. Look better for someone else.
  2. Look like someone else.
  3. Achieve mainstream society’s view of the “perfect body.”
  4. Compete with other males or females.
  5. See the scales hit what you think you’re “supposed” to weigh.
  6. Fit into your high school prom dress. Actually, fit into anything you wore during your adolescent or teenage years. You’re an adult now. Dress the body you have.
  7. Follow current fashion trends.
  8. Make anyone else happy.
  9. Make others jealous.
  10. Get back at your ex-significant other.
  11. Get back with your ex-significant other.
  12. “Fit in” with your circle, or anyone you perceive to have a more “ideal” body.
  13. Prove ANYTHING to ANYONE except YOURSELF.

Obviously, this is an ongoing list!

So, now it’s YOUR turn: What reasons do you think aren’t good reasons for getting in shape, and what reasons do you have for getting in shape?

Feeling a Little Unfit? 13 Reasons NOT to Get in Shape

Alicia Sparks

Alicia Sparks is a freelance writer and editor and the creator of, where she blogs to help new freelance writers get their quills in the pot, so to speak. Among animal rights, music, and physical wellness, her passions include mental health and advocacy. Here at Psych Central she works as Syndication Editor as well as authors Your Body, Your Mind, Unleash Your Creativity, and World of Psychology's weekly "Psychology Around the Net."

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