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Life Hack: 15 Ways to Repurpose an Old Yoga Mat

Werner Moser | CC
Werner Moser | CC

My old yoga mat has downed its last dog, I’m afraid, and I’m in the market for a new one.

However, my yoga mat and I have been through so many good (and bad, and grueling, and kiss-my-ass!) times together that I’m not ready to let her go just yet — completely, that is.

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Thus, I’ve done some research on how to repurpose yoga mats. Reusing old yoga mats both helps you cut back on your environmental impact and get a few helpful tools around the home.

I mean, win/win, right? 🙂

  1. Use a small piece of your yoga mat as a “grip” for opening tough jars and bottles.
  2. Cut a square of your yoga mat to make a computer mouse pad.
  3. Use pieces of your yoga mat as drawer and shelf liners.
  4. Ask your local animal shelter if they can use yoga mats to line crates for more comfortable sleeping, or use your yoga mat as in your own pet carrier for steadier footing.
  5. Save your yoga mat for packing fragile items when you ship, box presents, or move.
  6. Have kids? Think of creative ways you can cut yoga mats into masks or other costume accessories for playtime or even Halloween.
  7. Use pieces of your yoga mat to keep furniture from sliding around your hardwood floors.
  8. Yoga mats can help your dog’s or cat’s food and water bowls from sliding all over the kitchen floor, too.
  9. Lie on your old yoga mat instead of a towel at the beach. (Just make sure you’re under an umbrella — those suckers might get hot!)
  10. Toddler-proof your home by covering sharp corners with pieces of your yoga mat.
  11. Use your yoga mat as a “doormat” when you’re camping. (This works whether you’re in a tent or a camper.)
  12. Place half your yoga mat under the kitty’s litter box for easier litter clean up.
  13. Cut pieces of your yoga mat to use as coasters. Squares, circles, stars — be creative!
  14. Line your vehicle’s trunk with your yoga mat to keep grocery bags and other cargo from sliding around.
  15. Use your yoga mat to create a bulletin board! You’ll need to use straight pins instead of push pins or thumb tacks, but you can get artsy with the shape, border, and of course everything you pin to it!

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Some of these I’ve tried already (like using a piece of yoga mat to open jars — it works so well!), and others I’m waiting to check out.

So, to all you yogis out there: What are the best tips for repurposing yoga mats you can offer?

Life Hack: 15 Ways to Repurpose an Old Yoga Mat

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