I recently fell in love with Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band. My favorite yoga instructor plays them during every one of my favorite yoga classes, and eventually I started playing them at home while I practice (or work, or clean, or whatever — like I said, I fell in love with them!).

However, there are several other bands I like to listen to as I get my Chaturanga on, and…

…most of them are fairly…eh, I don’t want to say “commercial,” but they’re definitely more commonly heard on the radio than Sean Johnson.

So, given how easy it is to “discover” an old song and give it new purpose, I thought I’d share with you some of my best yoga music! Here are 15 artists I like to play while practicing yoga.

(I’ll even throw in a song or two to get you started 😉 )

NOTE: Remember, different strokes for different folks, and different tunes for different practices. You might not enjoy the same music during Hatha yoga as you do during an Ashtanga class or a hot yoga class. You might not even like the songs I’ve chosen. That’s fine! Actually, that’s great! Mix it up and enjoy yourself 🙂

  1. Dave Matthews Band — Um, everything. 🙂 Try starting with “#41,” “If I Had It All,” “Good, Good Time,” and “So Damn Lucky.”
  2. Coldplay — Another good one for several songs. Let’s go with “Midnight” and “Strawberry Swing.”
  3. Fleet Foxes — “Blue Ridge Mountains”
  4. Junip — “Line of Fire”
  5. Mazzy Star — “Into Dust”
  6. Bon Iver — “Calgary”
  7. The Album Leaf — “Eastern Glow” and “Always for You”
  8. Alexi Murdoch — “Orange Sky”
  9. Ben Howard — “Wolves”
  10. The Paper Kites — “Bloom”
  11. The Brian Jonestown Massacre — “Anemone”
  12. M83 — “Midnight City”
  13. John Butler Trio — “Revolution”
  14. Ziggy Marley — “Love Is My Religion”
  15. Elton John — “Tiny Dancer”
  16. Iron and Wine — “Such Great Heights” and “Boy With a Coin”
  17. Bob Dylan — “Lay, Lady, Lay”
  18. Thirteen Senses — “Into the Fire”
  19. Civil Twilight — “Letters From the Sky”
  20. Gordon Lightfoot — “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”

Now, it’s YOUR turn! Which “non-traditional yoga tunes” do you incorporate in your practice?