Some of you might remember I lost my father to cancer a few weeks ago. Since then, I’ve lost my grandmother–his mother–too.

As you can imagine, so much loss, so quickly, has taken a toll on my emotional and mental health; in turn, it’s taken a toll on my physical health. My diet has gone to CRAP (hello emotional eating!) and finding the motivation to do any sort of physical activity–even restorative yoga!–is incredibly difficult.

So, while on the Runner Girl Facebook page the other day, I was extremely interested in the advice one runner in a similar situation was getting from fellow runners.

Basically, the poster stated she’d “lost her running ‘mojo'” after her mother passed away and asked for suggestions on getting it back.

Some of the answers were pretty sound.

Don’t think about it; just force yourself to get back out there and it’ll return. See a psychologist to work through your grief. Read this book or listen to that speaker.

But, they all seemed pretty obvious, too–to me, anyway. I was looking for something different, and, eventually I found it:

“Run for HER!”

What a cool idea! But, how can we “run for [our lost loved one]?” After all, he or she is…gone.

9 Reasons to Run for Your Lost Loved One

  1. Run to honor your loved one’s memory.
  2. Spend the time talking to your loved one.
  3. Use the time to mentally and physically work through some grief.
  4. Work out your nervous, anxious, or angry energy.
  5. Boost endorphins to help with sadness and depression.
  6. Take charge and feel in control of your life again.
  7. Train for a marathon that supports a charity important to you or your loved one.
  8. Because your loved one wouldn’t have wanted you to give up what you enjoy.
  9. Because you still can.

Of course, these don’t apply just to running. Maybe you play basketball or practice mixed martial arts or swim. You can continue doing each of these things for your loved one.

How about YOU, readers? Have you ever struggled to continue with something you enjoy after the death of a loved one? How’d you work through it?