As a Libra (at least, that’s just one of the things I blame it on), I need balance in my life.

I mean, I need serious balance.

If my work life is going well, I need my social life to be awesome, too. If my apartment is clean, I need my car to sparkle, too. If I’m working out and feeling amazing physically, I need to feel amazing mentally, too.

Oh, wait…about that.

Here’s the deal: Exercise makes me feel great. Running, yoga, weights — all of it.

Of course, then you have all the endorphins and serotonin and — well, you get the picture.

However, sometimes, it’s just outright miserable. Sometimes it’s miserable because it’s a thousand degrees outside (my problem last August). Sometimes it’s miserable because I’m on a schedule and on that particular day, getting new tires actually is more important than making it to yoga.

Sometimes it’s miserable because I just don’t want to do it.

Now, I know a lot of workout gurus will say, just suck it up. Do it. You’ll feel better once you start. Think about how proud you’ll be when you finish!

Well, sometimes that tough love, pep talk crap just doesn’t fly.

Sometimes, I have to find a balance between what’s good for me physically (eating well, exercising, and meditating) and what’s good for me mentally (generally avoiding things that throw me into a miserable, panicky spiral).

Sure, I shouldn’t use misery as an excuse all the time (because, hey — sometimes you do need to suck it up), but sometimes skipping a workout here and there because the thought of squeezing it in or tolerating the elements makes you panic, then no, I don’t need to suck it up.

I need to do what’s going to work for me physically and mentally.

I need a balance between the two; there are times when that’ll mean forcing myself to roll out the yoga mat, and there are times that’ll mean skipping the run.

How about YOU, readers? What’s up with your own balance between what’s good for you physically and what’s good for you mentally?

  • Do you make sacrifices? Do you consider them worth it? Do you even consider them sacrifices?
  • Do you ever skip a healthy meal or a run or a meditation? Do you feel “guilty” about it, or does it usually turn out to be the right choice?

Remember to share your thoughts in the comments below and help others as they meditate on their own physical and mental balances.