Psych Central and I launched “Your Body, Your Mind” just a few months into 2012, and we’ve enjoyed a blessed year, to say the least.

So blessed, in fact, I had to come up with some new criteria in order to cut the list of most popular posts down from nearly 30 to just 15.

So, instead of going by viewing statistics only, I also included tweets, posts, and pins.

That’s right, the following 15 “Your Body, Your Mind” posts were the most viewed and shared on social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

So sit back, get your bookmark button ready, and check out some of the best body, mind, and spirit posts we had to offer this year.

1. Meditation Minute: Musing On Gratitude, Relationships, and Peace

“Meditation Minute” is a series of posts I only recently created. It’s proving to be a hit!

2. Gobble, Gobble! Your Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Guide

Soon after launching “Your Body, Your Mind,” I began reviewing various gluten-free foods and recipes for those folks who want or need to eat a GF diet for physical and mental health reasons. This post helps with ideas for gluten-free holiday dishes.

(NOTE: You can find a complete list of the GF food reviews at Rounding Up the 2012 Gluten-Lite Journey.)

3. 3 Simple Tips for Keeping Your Diet…SIMPLE!

For a couple of readers, this post was a little controversial. Why would a Psych Central blog promote dieting? Well, this post wasn’t about dieting. It was about finding simple ways to keep your diet – the foods you eat – healthy and not get overwhelmed trying to do so.

4. 5 Ways Fall Foods Can Improve Your Mood

Pumpkins, nuts, wild rice – oh my!

5. 5 Tips for Combining Diet, Exercise, and Mental Health

It’s by no means an exhaustive list, but this World Mental Health Day submission does help you better understand how you can use diet and exercise to improve your overall mental health.

6. Lady Gaga Responds to Weight Gain Criticism, Launches a Body Revolution 2013

This one packed more a punch than just another celebrity-inspired post. Not only did Gaga respond to her critics, but also she posted full-body pictures of herself wearing only underwear and challenged us all to start what she calls a Body Revolution 2012.

7. Tips for Exercising With Pets: Your Body, Your Mind Readers Sound Off

Animals are a lot like humans. They have distinct personalities with their own likes and dislikes, limitations and abilities. Here, pet-owning “Your Body, Your Mind” readers shared advice on how to exercise with pets.

8. Your Treadmill SUCKS! 7 Reasons You Should Get Outside

Just as the title suggests, this post gives readers 7 benefits to walking, jogging, running, or otherwise exercising outside that they can’t really get indoors.

9. Stop Swallowing So Much Cash: 7 Tips for Healthy Eating On a Budget

This bookmark-worthy posts helps those who think eating healthy is “too expensive” understand that you can load up on fruits and veggies without emptying the bank account.

10. How to Take a Guilt-Free, Successful Mental Health Day

I don’t do it all the time, but I do do it when I feel it’s time. Use these five tips the next time you feel a mental health day coming on.

11. 5 Tips to Break the Fast Food Cycle

It’s quick, easy, and a lot of times cheap – how can we not fall into a fast food cycle? Here are five ways to help you break that cycle and avoid it in the future.

12. 5 Hacks to Finding Balance and Getting It All Done

This guest post from the lovely and talented fitness freelancer Tania Dakka helps you find balance with body and life.

13. 5 Ways Yoga Helps Addiction Recovery

I was stoked (do people say that anymore?) to stumble across information about yoga and how it can help recovering addicts.

14. 7+ Resources to Learn More About Diet, Exercise, and Mental Health

Not long after launching “Your Body, Your Mind,” I wrote this post to assure people that the information they found at the blog wasn’t supposed to make them feel guilty, as many of them thought; rather, the purpose of this blog is to highlight the important role diet (food, in general – not weight loss) and physical activity play in our mental health. Here you can find information from, the Mayo Clinic, and the National Institute of Health, among others.

15. Emotional Eating: 3 Ways to Stop Stress Eating in Its Tracks

Whew! Thanks to a move, some job changes, and other private life events, I did my fair share of stress eating back in the spring. Here, I explained three ways you can recognize and stop emotional eating.

What about you, readers? Was there a topic you enjoyed reading about more than others? Sound off in the comments below!