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Happy Monday, readers!

It’s December! That glorious month when writers around the blogosphere revel in year-end posts!

“Top This!” “Best That!” “Favorite Blah Blah Blah!”

I love them.

Trust that I’ll try not to overdo it here at Your Body, Your Mind, but there are a few finale blog posts I’d like to explore, and one of them covers your favorite workout songs in 2012.

(Admit it: If you walk, run, lift weights, dance, or do aerobics, you’ve Googled “workout songs,” “workout music,” “running songs,” “aerobic music,” or “exercise music” at some point. I do it all the time.)

Instead of compiling a list of some of my favorite workout music this year, I thought I’d create a list of YOUR favorite tunes to sweat to.

Interested in helping me out? You could win a pair of black and gray custom tangle-free Apple earbuds by TangleFreeEarbuds / Earbuds Anonymous if you do!

To participate in the survey and enter the drawing, all you have to do is:

  • Leave a comment below telling me your favorite workout song of 2012. You can list more than one song, but it has to be a song released in 2012.
  • Make sure you enter your correct e-mail address in the e-mail field of the comment form. This e-mail is how I’ll notify you if you win and ask for your mailing address to mail the earbuds. NOTE: The e-mail address WILL NOT post publicly.
  • Enter by 12 p.m. (noon) EST on Monday, December 17, 2012. I’ll post the winner and songs on Friday, December 21, 2012.
  • Enter ONCE. If you have more than one song, list all songs in ONE COMMENT. Leaving more than one comment will not enter you more than once in the drawing.
  • Live in the Continental United States (lower 48) or Canada.

OK, readers: What were your favorite workout songs of 2012?

EDIT 12/17/2012: Drawing is now closed. Thanks for entering!