Happy Friday, readers!

The holiday season is in full swing, and with all the parties and family gatherings usually comes food.

Lots of food.

Vegetable and cheese trays are popular staples this time of year. They’re convenient, simple to prepare, and affordable to buy if you’re short on time!

So, I thought now would be a good time to review my favorite brand of gluten-free crackers for those of you who want or need to keep things gluten free for your physical and mental health this season.


Blue Diamond Natural Hazelnut Nut Thins


Anything! I’ve eaten these crackers by themselves, with hummus, and with soup.


  • Texture and consistency. These gluten-free crackers are thin and crisp. They don’t feel as “fluffy” in your mouth as some other wheat crackers.
  • Convenience. Blue Diamond crackers are available in a variety of grocery stores. I’ve bought them at Drug Emporium, Kroger, and even Walmart.
  • Nutrition. Not only are these crackers gluten free, but they’re also low in calories and sodium and have no saturated fat or cholesterol.


I honestly can’t think of any cons except maybe the price. I pay $3 and some change for these. There are roughly four servings per box, so depending on your budget or how often you snack on these crackers, the price may or may not be a factor.


I absolutely would recommend these gluten-free crackers to others. I also would suggest they try out other flavors (Blue Diamond offers pecan, almond, pepperjack cheese, and other flavors), as well as other Blue Diamond products (Blue Diamond almond milk is always on my grocery list!).

Have you ever tried these or other gluten-free crackers? Share in the comments below!

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