Happy Monday, Your Body, Your Mind readers!

Today (October 15, 2012) is Blog Action Day 2012!

(If you’re not familiar with Blog Action Day, it’s an event that “brings together bloggers from different countries, interests, and languages to blog about one important global topic on the same day.” You can learn more at www.blogactionday.org, as well as keep up with the Blog Action Day 2012 live coverage feed.)

Because this year’s Blog Action Day theme is “Power of We,” I thought Your Body, Your Mind had to get involved.

After all, when it comes to eating well, exercising, and all those other outside factors that help our insides, it’s easier when you have some help!

So, for Blog Action Day 2012, I decided to talk about how the Power of We applies to adopting a healthier lifestyle; namely, how getting other people involved helps!


You’ve probably heard about the benefits of “saying it out loud.” For everything from quitting smoking to starting your own business, saying it out loud – putting it out there so others know about it, too – is an exercise in accountability and supposed to help you stay on track.

After all, now you have someone to answer to.

It’s the same with making other lifestyle changes, like eating a healthier diet and starting an exercise program. Choose someone who’s making the changes with you, or just someone you trust in your life, and tell that person what you plan to do and why. Be as specific as you can, so that person fully understands.

For example: “I want to eat healthier foods so my body and brain get the best nutrition I can give them. Starting today, I’m cutting out fast food.”

From that information, your friend knows fast food is a no-no, and whenever you crave it you can think about how there’s someone out there holding you accountable for sticking to your plan.


This one doesn’t need any explanation, does it?

You know the drill: You’re tired or want to sleep in or would rather sit on the couch in front of the television than make a healthy meal or go for a jog or even hop on the treadmill.

If you have a friend or family member who’s also pledged to eat better foods or exercise more – or who simply pledged to help you – you can look to that person for motivation.

A walk in the park becomes a time to catch up on life events. A yoga class becomes a time to share new challenges with friends.


Motivation aside, working out or eating well (or both!) with another person helps derail the fear, anxiety, and stress that sometimes comes along with making such lifestyle changes.

If you’re feeling nervous about starting a new exercise class or a little stressed at the thought of jogging in front of your neighbors, having a friend or group of friends with similar goals come along can help!


Getting an education from your friends doesn’t mean they have to be experts in whatever it is you’re doing together; you don’t have to be an expert for them to learn from you, either.

Rather, you learn together. You teach each other what you know, and you figure out together what neither of you knows. Plus, you learn new things along the way and share with each other!


You mastered a new recipe! You finally ran that mile without stopping to rest! You became the crane pose!

You need (and deserve!) someone to celebrate with, and guess what: Your friends are there for that, too.

How about YOU, readers? How has The Power of We helped you in your diet and exercise goals? Share with us in the comments below!