Oh, Halloween!

I would say it’s my favorite holiday, but it’s more a part of my favorite time of year.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s – they all wait on Halloween to kick off the holiday season.

Plus, who can resist costumes, scary movies, and ghost stories?

Not I.

Neither am I all that great at resisting some of the other things that come along with Halloween, like candy…

aaaaaand pretty much any other Halloween-themed sweet treat.

Fortunately, certified nutritionist and classically trained French chef Christine Avanti says we don’t have to resist (all that much, anyway). There are ways to indulge in Halloween treats and still stay healthy.

In her recent Huffington Post Canada piece, Five Ways to Stay Healthy On Halloween, Avanti provides us with, well, five tips for staying healthy tonight (and tomorrow, and the next day – however long you or your little ones keep that candy bucket!).

However, three of those tips deal specifically with keeping a healthy and balanced mind this Halloween:

  • Practice portion control. Too much refined sugar can lead to mood swings.
  • Can’t shake a craving? Apple, pumpkin, and bran treats high in fiber and Vitamin A can satisfy your sweet tooth while still providing essential health benefits.
  • Given its anti-oxidant, cholesterol-lowering, and mood-boosting benefits, dark chocolate is where it’s at!

So, readers, how do YOU plan to stay healthy on this All Hallows’ Eve?