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Archives for October, 2012


3 Tips for Keeping a Healthy and Balanced Mind This Halloween

Oh, Halloween!

I would say it's my favorite holiday, but it's more a part of my favorite time of year.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's - they all wait on Halloween to kick off the holiday season.

Plus, who can resist costumes, scary movies, and ghost stories?

Not I.

Neither am I all that great at resisting some of the other things that come along with Halloween, like

...aaaaaand pretty much any other Halloween-themed sweet treat.

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3 Simple Tips for Keeping Your Diet…SIMPLE!

Do you know the palm rule?

Whether you're dieting because your weight prevents you from being physically active and healthy or you just want to become more mindful about the foods you use to nourish your body and mind, trying to eat a healthy diet can get

...and, sometimes when we get stressed, we eat more, exercise less, and, well, give up.

Which is entirely opposite of what you're...
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5 Ways Fall Foods Can Improve Your Mood

Autumn is awesome, isn't it?

I mean, really?

Crisp air, brightly colored leaves, carving jack-o'-lanterns, getting lost in corn mazes, finally digging out those layers (the girls know what I mean),

Oh, yeah!

Delicious foods!

Of course, we already know how good fall foods are, but do we know how they benefit us beyond our taste buds?

Here's a list of 5 ways fall foods can improve your mood.

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World Mental Health Day: 5 Tips for Combining Diet, Exercise, and Mental Health

Happy World Mental Health Day, readers! A day for celebrating mental health, advocating for safe and effective treatments, and banishing the stigma of mental illness!

I'm so honored you've chosen to add Your Body, Your Mind on your roster of reading today.

Given the nature of Your Body, Your Mind, I wanted to use today to highlight some tips to help you combine diet and exercise with balanced mental health.

After all, so many...
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