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Archives for September, 2012


Lady Gaga Responds To Weight Gain Criticism, Launches A Body Revolution 2013

Copyright: Lady Gaga/Facebook


So, this week's earlier Christina Aguilera-inspired post about loving rather than complaining about our bodies was super timely: Lady Gaga has launched a new campaign to do just that!

Following a week of open criticism about the weight she's gained (by her count, more than 20 pounds), Lady Gaga did what she does best: Bared her soul

On Tuesday, the 26-year-old "Bad Romance" singer...
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Body Image

Christina Aguilera Loves Her New Booty! What’s Your Favorite Body Part?

Still from "Your Body" set.

Be honest: Are you more likely to flaunt your toned legs or complain about your huge butt? Show off your flat belly or gripe about your flat chest?

If you chose complain and gripe, you're probably in the majority. (Of course, this is just my opinion; I haven't conducted a super scientific survey or anything). Too often, people complain about the body parts they hate the most, instead...
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Tips For Exercising With Pets: Your Body, Your Mind Readers Sound Off!

© Alicia Sparks

Since I gave up the treadmill for the great outdoors, I've realized my dog and I aren't cut out for jogging together.

Sure, she likes to run and chase balls (or run away from ocean waves!), but she'd rather take her time on the track.

Because she gets plenty of exercise and fresh air each day, we're both okay with that.

However, whether it's walking, jogging, or running,...
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POLL: Do You And Your Pet Exercise Together?

When the weather broke a couple weeks ago and I started walking and jogging outside, I thought I’d bring my dog with me. She’s a six-year-old medium-sized mixed breed in good health and I thought it’d be nice for both of us. She’d get some extended time outdoors (Smells! Sounds! Other doggies and people!) and I’d get a workout buddy. Someone to keep me company and keep me on...
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Your Treadmill SUCKS! 7 Reasons You Should Get Outside

My city has an absolutely fantastic park, and there's a long track that extends from it along the edge of the town. It's a gorgeous, tree-lined path perfect for everything from walking your dog to riding a bike to running.

Now that the temperatures are calming down a little here on the east coast (I've been waking up to 70-degree temperatures instead of 90), I'm moving some of my workouts outside again and, if you...
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