I officially began incorporating gluten-free foods in my diet (or, began my “gluten-lite” journey, as Jessica called it!), and I’d like to share with you my thoughts on the first gluten-free bread I tried: Schar Gluten-Free Classic White Bread.

Ultimately, I chose Schar’s gluten-free bread because it was the only option the grocery store offered. There are several other grocery stores in my area – and a Drug Emporium that sells vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free foods – so I’ll probably try other kinds of gluten-free bread before it’s all said and done.

Now, on with the review.


Schar Gluten-Free Classic White Bread. I mentioned in an earlier post that lots of gluten-free foods are rice- or potato-based, and I believe Schar’s bread is a rice-based food. It’s made from sourdough, which includes rice flour.


So far, I’ve only used this gluten-free bread for sandwiches (though the website suggests several recipes). One sandwich was peanut butter; the other was roasted red pepper hummus.


  • Taste. This gluten-free bread doesn’t have a remarkable taste; it’s actually kind of bland. Yet, I think that will appeal to some people because a) they’ll like that it doesn’t have to taste “bad” just because it’s gluten-free, and b) there are no outside tastes to interfere with whatever foods you’re pairing with it.
  • It’s sturdy. Schar gluten-free bread is heavier than regular bread, which means it doesn’t get flimsy or soggy under the weight of sandwich fixings; however, because it’s gluten-free, the “heaviness” doesn’t translate to your belly, which leads to…
  • No bloating. Although I don’t believe I’m gluten sensitive or intolerant, I have noticed over the past couple of years that wheat products cause bloating. After eating both sandwiches (at different times!), I noticed no belly bloat.


  • Pricey. I paid $5 and some change for a loaf half the size of regular bread loaves.
  • Small slices. Each slice is only 60 calories, but also each slice seems to be about 2/3 the size of a regular slice of bread.
  • Weird consistency. Aside from it’s sturdiness (which I really don’t mind), this gluten-free bread has a strange consistency. It’s “grainy,” and you can actually feel tiny granules of – I don’t know what – the longer you chew. I actually got choked on them the first time (I took a breath while chewing); the second time, I paid more attention to my chewing.


The bottom line is, I’ll probably continue eating some type of gluten-free bread. I’d like to try others, but if the store carries only this one, I’ll gladly buy it. I would recommend this bread to others.

Would you like to try this gluten-free bread? Have you tried it, or another kind before? Share with us in the comments!

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