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Archives for August, 2012


Summer’s Almost Over: What’s On Your Must-Do List?

I spent the majority of this past weekend on a boat, and let me tell you, after spending weeks focusing mostly on work (read: sitting in front of a computer), both my body and mind welcomed the bright sun, warm temperatures and refreshing water.

On the way home last night, my friends and I faced the harsh reality that we probably have only a few weeks of comfortable outdoor weather left.

One friend was especially sad...
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What About A Month From Now? The Best Fitness Advice I Ever Received

The best fitness advice I've received was: Only do what you can imagine yourself doing every day from now on.

Keep this is mind and you'll look at all your future diet and exercise plans in an entirely different light.


Because every plan you make from now on will be based on lifestyle changes rather than losing 10 pounds in a week.

Lifestyle changes bring and maintain real results; crash diets and extreme exercise plans might...
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Eating For Pleasure vs. Eating For Nourishment: How Do You Nom?

Do you eat more for pleasure or nourishment?

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith recently told ESSENCE that although she does have a couple of guilty pleasures (think French fries and pizza - I think a lot of us can relate!), she eats more for nourishment than she does for pleasure.

(Which undoubtedly contributes to her smokin' hot, nearly 41-year-old body she tweeted about last month, too.)

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5 Quick And Dirty Tips About Gluten-Free Diets

I haven't stopped eating gluten, and I probably never will. I don't have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity (as far as I know), and, I like my bread.

Still, since starting Your Body, Your Mind and learning more about Psych Central Associate Editor Jessica Digiacinto's gluten-free diet (The Gluten-Free Diet, The *BEST* Gluten-Free Bread, and Healthy, Vegan, Gluten-Free Chia Seed Pudding), I've been more interested in at least cutting back on gluten.

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Why I Started Eating Veggies with Every Meal

Like most big changes in my life, I sort of just woke up one day and decided it was time to eat a vegetable or salad with every meal.

Before this decision, I knew I wanted to find a way to lower the amount of non-helpful foods (chips, cookies, giant hunks of cheese, etc) I eat on a daily basis, but was also fully aware that just taking them away wouldn't do the trick. I...
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