Happy Friday, readers!

Okay, okay – technically it’s not May anymore, but we had our last Mental Health Month 2012 Challenge on Tuesday, so we have to have a Weekly Weigh-In, right?


Tuesday I challenged you to learn a new recipe – one that’s healthy for both your body and your brain.

Because this week was a busy one for me, I chose to learn a snack recipe. It’s a vegetarian recipe for nachos. WebEcoist calls them 3-Minute Healthy Nachos (they took a little longer for me – sometimes I’m all thumbs!) and I think you’ll like them whether you eat meat or not!

Among other healthy benefits, these nachos are full of vibrant veggies that can help boost serotonin levels and beans that promote energy. (Learn more at Green Foods For Your Mental Health.)

Now, how to make them:


  • Organic or blue corn chips. (I used blue corn chips because I love them.)
  • A ton of veggies. (I used black beans, kidney beans, black olives, corn, sliced red and green peppers, shredded lettuce, and tomatoes.)
  • Sliced or shredded cheese.
  • Your favorite salsa.


How you make them really depends on how you want to eat them. You might want to mix everything together and warm it in a microwave before topping your nachos with it, or you might want to warm the beans, olives, peppers, corn, and salsa and then add the tomatoes, cheese, and lettuce last (which is how I made mine).

You may even want to keep the toppings separate and dip the nachos.

So, what did YOU learn to make this week? If you’re just joining us or haven’t gotten a chance to learn a new recipe yet, tell us about one you’ve already tried. It’ll be new to us, after all!