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Weekend Challenge: 10 Exercises In Under 10 Minutes

You don't need a gym for these 10 exercises!

Earlier this week, freelance writer and fitness enthusiast Tania Dakka offered five tips for balancing work, fitness, and life in general.

Now’s a great time to go over some exercises for those of you working to find that balance.

If you’re just reading this, chances are you’re still looking for that balance, right? You haven’t quite mastered it (or, at least, reached the point where you’re comfortable juggling it all), so a list of exercises you can do in 10 minutes will definitely come in handy!

1. Yoga

Look for yoga sequences that only involve a handful of poses. Keep things interesting by trying one today, and another tomorrow.

2. Power Walking

Jump into your sneakers, hook the leash on your pooch, and power walk for five minutes; then, turn around, and power walk the last five minutes home.

3. Jogging

Jog around the block a few times or, if the weather’s bad or you’re not comfortable exercising in public, jog in place.

4. Jumping Rope

It might remind you of your childhood playground, but jumping rope is serious physical business! Don’t worry if you need to take a break!

5. Jumping Jacks

Talk about a full range of benefits!

6. Walking (or Running) Stairs

Does your house or apartment building have a staircase? Spend 10 minutes walking (or running, depending on your current fitness level) up and down it. Some fitness gurus suggest running up the stairs, then walking down them. See what works best for you.

7. Lifting Weight

Use free weights or try body weight exercises.

8. Playing Ball

Or Frisbee, or…anything you can throw, really. You’ll need a partner for this, and I recommend your kid or dog for the most fun. Spending 10 minutes throwing and catching (or chasing after!) a ball is a great way to get in a quick work out and some quality time.

9. Skipping

Another playground favorite! Skip around your house, your yard, or anywhere you have room and aren’t afraid to let your inner child shine!

10. Dancing!

My favorite, hands down. Put a few songs in your queue, hit play, and dance ’til the music’s over. Chances are, you’ll want to start it up again!

Spend the weekend trying some of these out, and then come back Monday to share your favorite way to exercise in under 10 minutes!

Weekend Challenge: 10 Exercises In Under 10 Minutes

Alicia Sparks

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