Happy Friday, YBYM readers!

How did this week’s Mental Health Month Challenge go? Did you find the right gear to start that one exercise, routine, or program you’ve been interested in?

I did, but I have to admit: I completed this challenge a couple of weeks ago.

During my move and the first couple of weeks after, I let Chopper’s grandparents (i.e. my parents) keep her.

I did this for two reasons:

  1. I wanted to be as settled as I could be so I could better help Chopper acclimate to her new home.
  2. I wanted to know exact things, like where we could walk. Not just wander outside to potty, but actually walk. Nice long walks give us both exercise and let her sniff around and explore the world while I have some “me time” to process my thoughts.

So, I spent some time looking for a safe, dog-friendly place. I’m only a few blocks from the city’s park, and there’s a long walking/running/biking path that runs along the side of a good portion of the city. I’d seen people walking their dogs there before, and after a little investigation, saw that there were trash cans (and free doggie bags) situated along the path.

I’d found my gear.

If I hadn’t put forth this effort before Chopper arrived, I might never have done it. I probably would’ve procrastinated (the thought of scouting out new territory with a hyperactive dog in tow is…daunting), or I might’ve jumped right in and discovered it was a horrible place to walk (with the dog already there!).

So, how about you? Did you find the right shoes for running? A gym with a pool? A yoga mat to cover your hardwood floors?

Sound off in the comments!