Good morning, YBYM readers!

It’s Friday – our Weekly Weigh-In Day – and I’m dying to know how your Mental Health Month Challenge #2 went!

If you’re new or don’t remember (shame on you!), earlier this week I challenged you to begin each day with a simple series of yoga poses called a Sun Salutation.

The goal was to help you start your day by warming up your body and your mind, and helping you carry that focus throughout the day.

So, how’d it go?

As for me, it went well. I’ve mentioned before, getting in a few Sun Salutations here and there is no new thing for me lately, but making an effort to do them first thing in the morning was a nice change. Not only did it replenish my reservoir of focus and mindfulness to draw on throughout the day, but setting aside the first few minutes of the day helped me be more focused and mindful during the poses.

What about you?

  • Did the Sun Salutation help you start your day with a clearer, more focused mind?
  • Were you able to draw on that focus and the breathing you practiced during the poses to combat stress during the day?
  • Did learning and practicing the Sun Salutation make you more interested in yoga?

Sound off in the comments below!