Earlier this week, I told you we’d talk about effective ways to deal with stress that don’t involve stress eating.

The thing is, people de-stress in different ways. What works for me might not work for you, and what works for you might not work for your neighbor.

Despite all the different ways to de-stress, though, most of us have one or two ways guaranteed to help us relax or at least work out all the anger, frustration, and worry that has us feeling stressed.

What’s your fool-proof way to de-stress?

Maybe intense workouts like kickboxing, dancing, and running work for you, or maybe you prefer lower impact activities like swimming, walking, or yoga.

Maybe it’s not a physical activity at all. Maybe it’s something designed to help you focus and center yourself, such as meditation and breathing exercises, or a hobby you use to engage your mind and tune out the world like photography, reading, and writing.

My fool-proof way to de-stress usually depends on the reason I’m stressed. For example, if I’m worried about something coming up I can always take my mind off it by reading or practicing yoga; however, if I’m angry and fired up about something, I generally need a more physical approach. Sometimes intense cleaning gets the job done; other times I need to power walk or dance.

So, weigh-in this week: What’s YOUR fool-proof way to de-stress?

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