The past couple of weeks have been incredibly busy (and life-altering) for me. I’ve both taken on a new job and moved to a new city. I’m closer to some family and friends, and I’m meeting new people and learning new things.

These are exciting times!

…they’re also stressful times.

I’m juggling everything from the big things like work and setting up a new place to the small things like switching banks and synching up my schedule with the Internet installation guy’s schedule. I’ve spent “free time” unpacking boxes and “me time” sleeping.

So where’s that leave diet and exercise?

Well, not in the healthiest of states, but not in the worst of states, either.

For example, there’s been some stress eating, BUT, I live close to a Subway and most of my fast food “indulgences” are actually just Veggie Delite sandwiches. I haven’t popped in the Yoga Meltdown DVD since the move, BUT, I have gone bike riding and done a few Sun Salutations and Warrior III poses when space allowed.

(Seriously, just doing a couple of each of these poses puts a much-needed spring in my step.)

The point is, major life changes like moving and taking on new job responsibilities require a ton of adjustments, and adjustments take time and focus. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain some of your diet and exercise regimen until you get settled. Want fast food? Ask about the healthiest menu option. Don’t have time for your usual morning jog? Do a few stretches before you head to the coffee pot.

You get the idea.

What about YOU? How have life changes affected your eating and exercise habits in the past? What did you do to maintain your routine, or get back on track once you were settled?