This bread sounds complicated. And intimidating. And maybe gross.

But I promise you, it’s none of these things.

Udi’s Millet Chia bread is basically heaven; it’s moist, filled with crunchy bits of chia, toasts really well and holds up to the three tablespoons of peanut butter I have been known to throw on top of it. And the best part?  Udi’s Millet Chia does not taste like your typical cardboard / chalk / sand gluten free recipe – in fact, if you gave it to someone who didn’t know it was GF, I almost guarantee they’d eat it up and be none the wiser.

Made with ingredients including tapioca starch, brown rice flour, millet seeds, chia seeds, rice bran and flax seed, Udi’s has created a light slice of bread that comes with 3 grams of protein, only 14 grams of carbs and 3 grams of sugar. It’s a super healthy alternative if you’re trying to amp up your protein intake while keeping white sugar out of the picture.

Is there a downside to all this deliciousness? Not really. It’s a bit expensive ($5.50 a loaf), the slices tend to be a little small, and you sorta have to keep this bread in your fridge after you open it, but if you’re anything like me, finding GF bread that actually tastes like bread (instead of a combination of white rice and wall cement), you’ll take a slightly expensive, slightly miniature slice any day.

I have no affiliation with Udi’s, and they’re certainly not paying me to write this (although if they wanted to throw me a couple of free loaves, I’d be down). I just want to let other people considering the GF lifestyle know that there really are ways to give up gluten and not feel deprived. Long live Udi’s!