My favorite YouTube personality is Jenna Marbles, hands down.

She’s vulgar, has two of the cutest dogs ever, and does things with false eyelashes I’ll never be able to accomplish.

Those aren’t the reasons I love her, though. I love her because she’s hysterical, and she’s hysterical because she’s real. She doesn’t sugar coat anything and is as quick to make fun of her own flaws as she is someone else’s.

One of her most recent videos, How Diets Work, pokes fun at how a lot of us diet.

(WARNING: Again, she can get vulgar. There are a few F-bombs, so the video’s not safe for work, kids, or anyone who doesn’t want to hear it.)

According to Jenna, this is how it goes down: We start out excited and determined and hopeful, but before too long we lose steam. We start making excuses for why it’s okay to cheat a little here, cheat a little there, and then we’re breaking all the rules. Soon enough, we feel guilty, like failures, but we do see one ray of light: Tomorrow is another day.

Really, the moral of the video goes beyond just dieting. People striving to eat well, develop an exercise routine, dedicate 30 minutes a day to meditation – they can all apply the moral to their struggles and goals, too.

As you work to make changes – whether they’re dietary, fitness, or relaxation – keep in mind:

  • Rome wasn’t built in a day. You’re making lifestyle changes, and it’s going to take some time.
  • Guilt is heavy. TOO heavy. How can you move forward carrying all that weight? Remind yourself you’re human. It’s pretty much your birthright to be apologetically flawed. All you have to do is learn from your mistakes, make whatever adjustments you need to make, and move forward.
  • Tomorrow truly is another day. Because of that you can move forward. All the slip-ups or mistakes you made today, you now know how to avoid tomorrow.

Keep these points in mind, and soon each day will bring fewer slips and more success!