Happy Friday, readers!

Welcome to the first edition of Weekly Weigh-In here at Your Body, Your Mind.

Contrary to those snazzy gnarly scales over there, the Weekly Weigh-In posts won’t be about actual weight; rather, the posts are an opportunity to weigh in on what YOU did this week to better manage your mental wellness.

For example, did you try a new exercise? Do you have anger management problems and decide to try kickboxing to relieve some aggression? Maybe tried yoga or meditation to relieve stress?

As for me, I started Jillian Michaels’s “Yoga Meltdown” (not an affiliate link; just showing you what I’m taking about!) routine last Sunday, and have done it every day this week so far, except Wednesday.

Hey, everyone needs a day to just kind of sloth around!

I won’t go into too many details about the program itself because I plan to post a formal review about it Monday; however, I will say that I’m super happy about trying it and sticking to it this week.

The routine aims to combine the best of two worlds (yoga poses and aerobic movements), and personally, I feel Michaels succeeded. Sure, I grunt and cuss and breathe like I’m practicing Lamaze during the program (though, admittedly, it’s getting easier!), but at the end of those 30 minutes, I feel refreshed, recharged, and relaxed.

I also feel proud.

Because Your Body, Your Mind just got started, maybe you didn’t try anything new in the last week – maybe you didn’t know anyone would ask you about it! However, you’ve probably tried new types of exercise or diets in the past, right?

Either way, we’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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