Physical Activity

Can Exercise Really Make You Smarter?

So, you already know that exercise is great for your physical health, and chances are -- because you're reading this blog -- you know exercise is beneficial to your mental health, too.

However, did you know that exercise could be good for your brain in other ways, too? Specifically, helping your brain function better? Making you smarter?


When Exercise Makes Your Anxiety Worse

When thinking about how it relates to mental health, many people associate exercise with a way to manage anxiety -- not something that makes anxiety worse.

However, working out absolutely can increase a person's anxiety. Typically, what happens is a certain kind of exercise triggers a stress response in your body, which means your cortisol levels increase and your anxiety skyrockets.


Create a Stronger Sense of Purpose for a Healthier Life

What is a life purpose? Why does it help to know your life purpose? What if you don't know, or don't think you even have one? How do you figure out what your life purpose is?

Several days ago, we took a look at a recent study related to life purpose and health behavior. Specifically, how a person's sense of life purpose relates to how easily the person deals with health-related behavior changes.

Behavior changes are relatively simple -- in theory, maybe not so much in action. It's easy to think about a behavior, recognize that it needs to be changed, and what it needs to become, yeah?

General Healthy Living

Healthier People Have a Stronger Sense of Life Purpose

When you're faced with health-related behavior changes, do you freeze up? Do you struggle to make decisions as simple as whether to take the elevator or the stairs, or bring a salad to work instead of surviving on break room donuts?

On a seemingly unrelated but actually totally related note, would you say you have a strong or weak sense of life purpose?

Keep those answers in mind.