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Archives for August, 2012

Career & Job

The Importance of Perspective

Have you ever felt like the car you were in was rolling backwards, only to realize that your car was actually still, but the car next to you was moving forward?

You inadvertently judged your own movement based not on what was truly happening, but on what your mind thought was happening.

Sometimes what we see, experience, and believe is not completely valid or true. Like an optical illusion where what the eye sees isn't accurate,...
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5 Tips for a Successful School Year

No one ever said parenting was easy. And while starting a new school year can be exciting for kids, it can also be a time of worry and concern for parents.

Here are some tips for making the new school year a successful one.

Use the energy of a new year to commit to organization. Give each kid a folder for things that you need to see or sign. Have an accessible place for school supplies,...
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Career & Job

5 Tips for Dealing with Difficult People

What would you say defines a difficult person? Is it someone who gossips? A supervisor who criticizes you in front of coworkers? A mother-in-law who disregards your request to not smoke in front of your toddler?

Difficult people are everywhere: at work, in social groups, volunteer organizations, the library, and playgrounds. They're our neighbors, relatives, coworkers and friends.

I'm pretty sure that each of us knows a person who we consider difficult, and I'm also fairly...
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Embrace Your Creativity

Creativity. It's a word that adults either love or run away from, claim for themselves or deny the very existence of.

Creativity is a characteristic prized in children. Did you ever create forts with sheets and a kitchen table, or play cops and robbers, house, or act out a TV show? Creativity is fun!

Children use their creativity to open up their minds, to learn and to enjoy themselves. Creativity is as basic and natural as...
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Is it Sadness or Depression? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

Everyone at one time or another experiences sadness, ‘the blues’, or feels down. When we’re disappointed, mourning or grieving, fighting with someone we love, or a myriad of other reasons, our mood can turn from fairly happy and content to sad or depressed.

These feelings of sadness may last for hours or even days. After a major life change, the sadness may last weeks.

And although mild feelings of depression are normal and to be expected,...
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4 Important Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Therapist

The idea of beginning therapy with a new therapist can be a frightening thought. But there are ways to make starting counseling easier and less intimidating.

Before you ever enter a therapist's office, there are some basic questions you should know the answer to:

Are they licensed to provide counseling or therapy, and is their license up-to-date? Do they take insurance? How long are sessions? What is the cost for each session? What type of...
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Exploring Who You Truly Are

If I were to ask you right now to describe how you think the world sees you, what words would you use?

What if I ask you how your friends or family see you, would it be different?

What about if I ask you how you see yourself?

What about if I challenge you to describe to me how you really, honestly, truly are?

Just like a group of people can view the same painting and come away...
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The Benefits of Group Therapy

Have you ever wondered what group therapy is all about? Portrayals of fictional group therapy are all over; on TV, in the movies and in literature. But what is real group therapy like? And why would anyone want to open up their soul to other people who are not friends or family?

Everyone has been in a group of some sort. Most of people have been in many. In elementary school students are grouped together by...
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