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Archives for May, 2012


Finding Peace with Imperfection

When my daughter was born, I wanted everything to be perfect. Her room was painted in a nontoxic soft lavender. Tiny clothes hung on tiny hangers. Childproof locks were installed on everything that could open.

The day that I came home from the hospital after giving birth, my husband, new daughter and I stopped for lunch. After eating, I told my husband to meet me out front, I was going to use the restroom. I...
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Overcoming Shame: It Wasn’t Your Fault

Erica* had a lot going for her. She had a good job, a solid group of friends, and was engaged to be married.

One night, after having some drinks with friends, Erica accepted a ride home with Mark.

Mark walked Erica to the door, then pushed his way in and raped her.

After the sheer terror of the assault had passed, Erica sat sobbing. Despite having done nothing wrong, she felt an intense sense of shame.

She questioned...
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Career & Job

Identifying Your Emotional Baggage

Have you ever felt your emotions getting out of control, and later wondered why?  Maybe you became completely enraged when you found out that your child lied to you. Or when your spouse forgot about your lunch date, you felt rejected and unloved?

At times, the level and intensity of a person's reaction doesn't match the level and intensity of the event. It's completely normal and expected for children to lie at times. People who...
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Career & Job

6 Steps for Dealing with Adult Bullies

When you think of bullying, what comes to mind? Elementary school? The pack of big kids who hung around at the park and wouldn’t let you play basketball? The huge 8th grader who stole your money?

When most people think about bullying, they think of a time in their lives when they were growing up. They think of the past.

Like many problems that exist throughout life, bullying doesn’t end at a certain age or level...
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Think Outside the Box

For over a year and a half, the local coffee shop I frequent had an empty black frame hanging on the wall. And for all of that time, I wondered what the owner, Mo, was thinking.

Was he being cheap? Lazy? Maybe he had walked past that frame so many times he simply didn’t see it anymore.

Then last week, I noticed something. The once empty frame now contained the words “Think Outside the...
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Parenting and Mental Illness

Being a parent is tough. Add to that depression, anxiety, personality disorders, mood swings, or psychosis, and you can multiply the difficulty of parenting by 100.

Sleeplessness, a change in hormones and the increasing demands on a person’s mind and body that come with parenthood often make an existing mental illness worse. It’s rough!

There are some things that new parents who struggle with mental...
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