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What’s So Great About Italian Men?

I took a holiday to northern Italy in January of this year.  My girlfriend Kathleen and I traveled together.  She’s married to a great guy, but loves to “get away” on girls-only trips.  We have a great time together and enjoy admiring guy-candy as well as historical landmarks in the various places we go.  Now, Italian men have a reputation …

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What’s So Great About Italian Men?

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  1. Unless you are an italian or have married an italian you will never know the devotion they have to their family. Italians are devoted people and very passionate. The men are not afraid to show their feelings and when they love someone they love completely and totally. Yes, its true they pinch and hug and I find it endearing that they are not afraid to display their affection.

  2. I’m an Italian woman from northern Italy, you went to my country only knowing cliché. First of all, you should have known there isn’t an Italian culture, because Italy is made of many cultural groups. It’s divided in north, middle and south. Italian men you were looking for are from the south, they’re very Latin, Mediterranean, the stereotype exists because of them. On the contrary northern Italy is similar to central Europe, very influenced by France and Austria, northern Italian guys are very similar to these people. It’s VERY false what you’ve written about their mother. It’s just a revenge of yours, they didn’t notice you, didn’t hit on you, didn’t whistle, scream at you, and you write online they have this attitude because they love too much their mother…it’s not true. I’m married to a northern Italian man. He loves his mother, she’s not the center of his life. She told him how to become an adult, as a mother she’s not different by any French, English or German mother…and she’s such a sweetheart to me. She never interferes with our life. It doesn’t matter if you look American or something, it’s just they have manners. I couldn’t stand living among rude men, maybe for you as a tourist it’d be wonderful our men hit on you all time, shouting out loud, but for me, living here it’d be a nightmare. And by the way Italian guys love Italian women, you were told wrong.

  3. You’ve got the point:

    “We were told that Italian men aren’t interested in Italian women. But maybe it’s women in general. More young Italians are living at home with their parents well into their 30s. They have their mothers to take care of all of their house-keeping needs, so maybe they have not urgency to commit to any particular woman. If their mothers are taking care of those needs, who is taking care of their “physical” needs?”

    Yet, You’ve got the point. Lot’s of Italians (especially North) are mammoni, which still doesn’t mean all of them are. As for their “physical” needs… My guess is the longer they stay with “mamma” the less desire and “abilities” they have. I don’t know why, yet the observation is true to life.

    As for the rest, guess the problem is that most North Italian men need more time to get confidence and to start flirting with a woman, let alone approch her gently. They need to like her, to feel attracted, and then they start flirting sophisticatedly. You see, even if it meant to be only a one-night-stand, in North Italy it’s hardly just sex, it’s a game of seduction. It’s art.

    Meanwhile it’s completely different in the Southern counerpart: the flirting is rude, too direct, and spmetimes even offensive. Guess it could be ok for the persons with lower expectations.

    Hope I could help.

  4. Oh, poor you, ignorant American. You people think you know it all! Why don’t you just stay in your homophobic, backward, Trump loving, bigoted, backward country…your narrow minded prejudices don’t belong in beautiful, cultural Italy…nor England…nor Iceland for that matter! So keep away from us and shut your contaminated, American trap! We’ve had enough of you people!

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