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Motivational Monday: 4 Tips To Get Through Anything


images “The best way out is always through.” – Robert Frost

Upon reading this quote, I was intrigued.  It made me think.  I thought about it for a long time, because I wasn’t exactly sure if I agreed.  As I continued to think about this quote and reflected on various situations in my life, I realized there is something to be said about going through things.

When you go through something, you complete a process.  Going through something teaches us lessons we may not have otherwise learned.  When we find the courage to push through something, we create a story to inspire others.  When we get out of something by going through it, we find strength.

As I continued to think about this quote and reflect on difficult situations I’d been through,  I  began to feel gratitude.  I became thankful for experiences that allowed me to grow and felt a sense of pride and strength.  I started to think about the things that helped me get through when I wanted to just get out, and wanted to share.  So, this post began.  Here are four of my favorite tips that will help you get through any situation.

  1. Feel it.  No matter what you are going through, allow yourself to feel it.  Accept your feelings without judging them.  Holding your feelings in isn’t healthy for you or the people around you.  If you genuinely want to get past feelings, you have to fully experience them first.
  2. Find gratitude.  It is always helpful to remind yourself of all the things that are good in your life.  When you start to focus on everything that is right in your life, everything that seems wrong becomes a little less significant.
  3. Change your perception.  Perception is everything!  It is mostly based on our past experiences and beliefs.  Challenge yourself to see the situation from a different perspective.   In the words of Albert Einstein, “you can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.”
  4. Identify the lesson.  As stated earlier, going through a situation teaches us something.  Simply identify the lesson.  What did you learn?  How are you different?  Are you stronger?  How will this help you in the future?  When we identify the blessing of an experience, we find ourselves more grateful for having experienced it and less likely to face the same difficulty.

These are just a few tips, let’s hear what’s worked for you.  Feel free to comment and share your experiences and tips!




Motivational Monday: 4 Tips To Get Through Anything

Donna M. White, LPC/I, CACI

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