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Beating Post-Holiday Blues

sad photo There are a lot of holidays jammed between November and January. You’ve planned, decorated, shopped, cooked, baked, traveled, entertained guest, and it all felt great. Now, just like that – it’s all over. Now what?

Your refrigerator is stuffed with leftovers; you’ve made turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, and turkey casserole. The clean house that was filled with decorations now has to be cleaned once again. You have to get rid of some old things, make space for some new things, and decide how to use some things that you didn’t want so you won’t offend anyone.

Post-holiday blues are officially here. So what can you do about them?

  • Take Care of You

If you’re anything like me, you probably spend your holidays putting your needs last and everyone else’s needs first. Now that the holiday rush is over, take some time to evaluate your needs. If possible take a few days after the holidays to regroup and relax. If you’re really like me, you may have also eaten way too much over the holidays. Now is a good time to focus that energy towards getting back on track. Set reasonable and healthy goals/routines and invest in yourself.

  • Get Up, Get Out, and Do Something for Someone Else

It’s amazing what random acts of kindness can do for your spirit. The physical activity can also boost those “feel-good” hormones.   Maybe you have an elderly neighbor that would like her leaves raked or snow shoveled. Perhaps you can take those holiday pies or that great dish that no one decided to touch to someone less fortunate. Focusing on someone else’s needs may help you as well.

  • Stay Connected

The worst thing you can do for depression, is isolate and become more depressed. Call someone that will lift your spirits. Between phones and social media, there are so many ways to connect. Share some humor and find something to laugh about. Laughter is good for the heart.

  • Find Gratitude

You will probably find this tip in several of my blog entries as a remedy for many things. When we find gratitude, we find something to smile about. When we are grateful, we find peace.

HAPPY POST-HOLIDAYS and many more!

Beating Post-Holiday Blues

Donna M. White, LPC/I, CACI

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