Women and Hidden Health Issues

Do The Potential Benefits of Consuming Alcohol Really Outweigh the Risks?

For the longest time, everyone has heard of the possible health benefits of consuming small amounts of alcohol. We were told that it can help to reduce heart attacks and heart disease, stroke and even help prevent diabetes. But with more recent information put out from the health dietary guidelines, we are now being told that no one…no one…should consume alcohol in any amount considered the maximum set by the guidelines. Bearing this in mind, the...

Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Living With Advanced Illness: Tips To Increase Calorie and Protein Intake

Those living with advanced illness or disease, and the treatments needed to fight them, are more vulnerable to developing a limited appetite. This can result in weight loss and malnutrition, making it more difficult to have the energy to cope with the underlying disease.

In these cases, it is vital to ensure that the body is still getting the calories, protein and essential vitamins and minerals it needs to stay strong even when the appetite isn’t there....

Women and Hidden Health Issues

The Ins and Outs of Cirrhosis

The liver is a very complex and vital organ. Many of us don’t pay attention to how the health choices we make can impact this multi-tasking organ. Because of the misunderstanding of how important the liver is to our survival, over time, the poor health choices we make can overburden the liver to the point where it is no longer able to function as well as it should. This can result in liver damage and various...


Liver Disease: 9 Important Symptoms To Be Aware Of

The liver is the most essential organ in the body, yet not many pays as close attention to it as they should to ensure overall health. It actually performs over 500 different functions for every other organ and system in the body. Its main job is to remove toxins from other areas and decide how to eliminate them. But the liver is also responsible for helping the body fight off infection, regulate hormones and enzymes and...


Living With A Bicorunate Uterus

There are certain conditions that are specific only to women, mostly having to do with the reproductive system. There are tests women undergo during their yearly examinations that check for specific issues (eg: pap tests for cervical health, checking hormone levels, any changes in the menstrual cycle and concerns surrounding it, etc.) but there are also conditions that are not tested regularly unless there are symptoms of these conditions. One of these is bicornuate uterus.

What is...

Women and Hidden Health Issues

Tests All Women Should Have Added To Their Regular Check-ups

One of the top ways to maintain optimum health is to ensure regular yearly physical check-ups are done. Such visits are critical as they can often reveal conditions that may require further investigation. For women, the doctor initially only performs the basics (unless an already diagnosed condition is being monitored)  such as height, weight, blood pressure, complete breast and pelvic examinations and blood tests for hormones, iron levels and certain vitamins (eg: calcium). These are all...


Using A Light Box To Help Treat Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Not everyone has the pleasure of enjoying nice, warm sunny days throughout the year. In many places, winters can be long, cold and dark which can lead to a form of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Essentially, this is ‘seasonal’ disorder that occurs every year starting in the fall, when daylight decreases, extending into the winter, until the daylight hours increase again in the spring. There are several ways to treat SAD, but one of the...

Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Understanding Calcium and Calcium Supplements

Approximately 43% of Americans are deficient in calcium. For women, especially menopausal or older women, the percentage can increase to over 70%.

Calcium is an essential mineral the body needs to maintain proper bone health, but it is also vital for other specific bodily functions such as digestion, muscle movement, blood circulation, proper nutrient absorption, hormone and enzyme balance and it plays key role in helping messages in the brain get to where they’re supposed to go...