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Can you change how you think?

Can you change how you think? Absolutely you can!

Let’s chat about some things you can do starting TODAY.

Be present to your thinking mind and know that you are able to shift into a positive mindset by having this awareness. It takes practice. Sometimes we have days where this is easier than others, but the more we practice being aware our thoughts, the quicker we will notice when our critical voice is speaking. That inner bully as it is sometimes called. The critic isn’t BAD, it just wants to be SEEN. Once we fully see it for what it is… a thought,an  emotion, it starts to move and change. We are then brought back to PRESENT, mindfulness, and being one with ourselves.

We are not our emotions or thoughts. These are things that happen to us, things that we experience, not who we are. If we have the thought that “this is terrible,” an important thing to realize is this: it isn’t necessarily terrible, we have only the THOUGHT that it is terrible. We have choices about our thoughts. It takes practice and once again it is easier sometimes than others, but we can learn to change our thought patterns.

We can “train” our brain to see things differently. The more negative we are the more we train our brain to see negative. The more positive we are the more we train our brain to see positive. The idea is to get to the positive. This likely will take work. You may have to CREATE positive initially. As you create positive and look for positive you will find it more and more easily.

Create “positive rituals” by keeping a gratitude journal, setting alarms throughout the day to stop and find at least three positive things around you, make it a point to create a positive event or action for another person, or create your own rituals.

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Can you change how you think?

Jamie L. Summers Stacks, LPC, LADAC

I am an LPC in the state of Arkansas and a member of an awesome group practice. My self-care biz (REAL SELF-CARE) is online at and focuses on making self-care more accessible to helping professionals. I am currently president of the National Association of Counselors in Private Practice and am working to create a valuable member benefit. I invite you to hop over and visit me at both!

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