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More time talk…

More time talk…

Lack of time or lack of direction?

As a psychotherapist and self-care specialist I talk to people (like all the time).  One of the most common stressors I hear is “I am so busy”.  “I don’t have time to work-out (meditate, shop, insert any activity that gets put on here).  As mentioned in the post last week; we all have the same amount of time in a day yet  some of us seem to use that time so much more efficiently.  Some of use seem to and really do  get so much more done than others.

Could the key to using your time effectively come down to intention and direction?  If we actually look at how we use our time would the simple act of that give us some of it back?

Almost 80% of people who have taken the self-care time quiz report they lose time every single day watching TV, playing games or surfing the internet.   We use these things as a way to disconnect and wind down but many times they end up serving us in a less than positive way.  Not only does surfing social media lead to FOMO it is a huge time suck and you can end up wasting hours.  


Using meditation, exercise, journaling or calling a friend is a much healthier way to de-stress after a long day or week.  Our brains are hard wired to connect and mindless activities such as TV and video games not only steal out time we miss out of building community.

Another of my favorite ways to help people re-claim their time is suggesting they try the prioritized, timed to-do list rather than a typical list that only has tasks that need to be

Create a prioritized timed to-do list.  Studies show that the time we allow for a task is how long it takes us. Each morning (or the evening before) create a to-do list and on that list indicate how much time you are going to allow for each task and then prioritize the tasks in the order of importance and according to the time they will take.  When you consider that then you can fit the tasks in when you will actually have time to do them. Then you not only accomplish more things, you are less frustrated by trying to get a task done when you really do not have enough time for that particular thing.  Put self-care on that list every single day!

I want to help you find more time for you!  I invite you to take the self-care time quiz here if you haven’t already.  My intention is to help you start to conceive time in a different way.  This will give you a better idea of how you use your time.  After you take the quiz you will receive immediate feedback and some free tools to help you gain more time.   Come back and tell me what you learn.  I love connecting and talking self-care and time.

Love and light,



More time talk…

Jamie L. Summers Stacks, LPC, LADAC

I am an LPC in the state of Arkansas and a member of an awesome group practice. My self-care biz (REAL SELF-CARE) is online at and focuses on making self-care more accessible to helping professionals. I am currently president of the National Association of Counselors in Private Practice and am working to create a valuable member benefit. I invite you to hop over and visit me at both!

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